Millcroft resident are MAD - preparing to take on the developer who wants to add 98 homes to the golf course lands

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March 4th, 2020



If you live in Millcroft – you know all about this issue – Millcroft Greens is proposing a residential development on the Millcroft golf course. This development has the potential to significantly decrease existing property values, increase traffic, disrupt ecosystems and wildlife, reduce green space, lead to the rezoning of existing school districts, overburden infrastructure, and alter the character of one of Burlington’s most iconic neighbourhoods.

Millcroft MADThe residents set out to create a non-profit organization called “Millcroft Against Development” (MAD) with a mission to preserve the integrity of the existing Millcroft golf course and retain its original and current zoning of “Zone O1 – Open Space.

The developer has chosen to portray the development of additional housing on gold course land as a public safety issue – the residents aren’t buying it. They argue that the “recreational green space defines the Millcroft we all chose to make our home. It is the heart of the community and our purpose is to keep it whole. “

The development proposal eliminates the existing 6th and 7th holes entirely, shortens the 1st and 16th holes, and adds 98 new homes and several new roadways to the land. We believe that this proposal is merely the beginning of residential development of the entire golf course, with this phase alone eliminating a staggering 411 mature trees from our neighbourhood.


It started out as a golf course that housing was built around – the residents loved it and paid a premium to live in Millcroft.

The developer held a meeting in February at the Burlington Convention Centre where a development proposal was presented to a select group of residents whose properties would be most adversely affected. The developer cited “safety concerns” of errant golf balls as the impetus for the proposed development – calling it a public safety issue.

The presentation included a compensation package for the invited residents, which many view as a covert attempt to buy approval of its developmental plan.

A public meeting is to take place on March 23rd, at the Burlington Convention Centre.

It will be a doozy.  There are 728 people registered on the web site opposing the development.

The City of Burlington has not yet received a formal development application from Millcroft Greens for this property.

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16 comments to Millcroft resident are MAD – preparing to take on the developer who wants to add 98 homes to the golf course lands

  • Gabriela

    The letter written to us from ANGELO BENTIVEGNA is a joke. We need more support to stop this!

  • Aaron Fadar

    I hate this modern era… these new developments are all condos and crappy townhouses that developers make for cheap than sell you for a crazy price. Burlington is just starting to become a mini Toronto…. all condos now. The traffic system sucks and you stop at almost every red light

  • Darcie Foerster

    This was always a given. We cannot fight this as the City/council and developer have already agreed to these plans and have wasted our time. However, as I mentioned in my email to our council member, this is against our human rights for mental health, financial health and environment health. Maybe this is the way to go. Just a thought.

  • Hyelyung Kim

    Where can I get a sign for my lawn to show my support?

  • Mark McElroy

    Normally I do not get mad but this is 100% BS.. Narrowing the course and tell us it is going to be safer.. It is going to be worst..

    We do not want our lovely green golf shed our the background gone. It muffles the noise and I not want a fucking six story condo in my backyard looking at my yummy BBQ on the weekends.

    I want a sign as well. Just stick on the front lawn you have my permission.

    Thank you for organizing this.

  • Brian and Carole Nelson

    This is an OBVIOUS First- Phase move to, in time, eliminate and over-build the entire golf course. Its just missing the large neon marquee sign admitting to it. Typical slippery development tactic. IF this project went ahead, it would completely undermine and degrade the basis for the original reasons the current residents had when moving into the Millcroft community. The disruption,traffic congestion,elimination of green space and negative effect on real estate values will be significant. BDN

  • B. Sinclair

    How do I get a sign Keep Millcroft green

  • Anne Gilbert

    Where can I get a sign for my lawn to show my support.

    Thank you

  • Name witheld

    Where is this developers conscience? How much money is enough? For residents who have their life savings in their home, with respect Mr. developer, how do you sleep? These are seniors, couples, families who invested in a dream. We live both on and off the golf course. We are not rich, we work hard because we love our community, our schools, and our greenspace.
    Safety? Please do not hide behind this pathetic excuse. Sweet dreams, Mr. developer. You have
    one hell of a fight coming your way!

  • Tom

    Sorry residence but these Developers will eat you alive whilst long the pockets of both municipal as well as provincial govts bureaucrats .
    Ur hearts are in the right place but never ever buck city hall

  • Mike Thomson

    Mike T

    Live off Maplewood Dr. Just making a right turn onto Brant is a nightmare & that new downtown condo will make it worse. And those new condos next to Walmart will make the area as congested as the DVP at 4 pm. Millcroft area residents, if this goes through, welcome to downtown 4pm Toronto madness!

  • P Clark

    Is it green space or private property?

  • Alfred

    Developers on the south side of Lakeshore have cancelled peoples view of the lake for years. from Niagara to The St.Lawrence river. Nobody received compensation. Nor should they. Are we still talking about golf balls? Because if thats all you have, we will being seeing brand new homes built there in 3 or 4 years.

  • Elan

    Unless there was some type of small print in the Millcroft ownership deal that said “we reserve the right to cancel your view of greenspace if we deem it profitable to build condos on the 9th hole green / fake safety concerns”, I would think current residents would need to be paid back for the premium they paid originally to face this greenspace in the event a new developer wants to cancel that benefit. Of course, land owners and developers want to win both ways…at the expense of those currently there. What…a…Shock…$$$$. Given the fiestiness of some on this Council, I don’t thnk this is a over by any means…

    • Elan

      BTW… what does the Ward 6 Councilor think of this? isn’t this in Ward 6? Hello….Mr. Bentivegna?

  • Roland Tanner

    “The developer cited “safety concerns” of errant golf balls as the impetus for the proposed development – calling it a public safety issue.”

    Really? Can we not do better than this? If we want to persuade people of the benefits of something, can we not start out by insulting everybody’s intelligence?