Mini beach at foot of Brant is safe but the Beachway isn’t – what a bummer.

By Staff

August 15, 2013

BURLINGTON, ON.  It is usually the foot of Brant Street that has the high E.coli count but this weekend it is the Beachway Park that has the higher count.

During the summer months, the Regional Health Department monitors water quality at selected recreational beaches.  Beaches are selected for testing based on their use for swimming and other water sports. Monitoring is done once a week or more if necessary.

Beachway – the biggest waterfront beach in Burlington is reported to have a high E.coli count

A pilot project is being undertaken at Beachway Park for the 2013 beach sampling season to examine potential factors influencing water quality. Therefore, Beachway Park will be sampled more frequently.

Sign at foot of Brant Street: Not the clearest sign you’ll ever read – but the water has been tested. Swimmers are still advised to swim at their own risk.

A beach is considered unsafe to swim if water tests show high amounts of E. coli bacteria.  Conditions posted are based on samples taken from the previous day.

The posting of a not safe notice for the Beachway is really unfortunate – this is the weekend that the Beachway Park will be flooded with people – the Children’s Festival is taking place.

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2 comments to Mini beach at foot of Brant is safe but the Beachway isn’t – what a bummer.

  • anthony

    Did you get approval to take the lady in bikini’s picture?
    Editor’s note: She bought me lunch – does that count?

  • Diane

    Walking, sitting or sunbathing under hydro towers is also not safe in my opinion, given the electro-magnetic fields that are emitted.