Most recent Covid19 infections set out below - they are nothing to be proud of - they point to our negligence

By Staff

December 22, 2021



Pictures are worth a thousand words – or so the saying goes.

The pictures tell us that the Covid19 variant is here amongst us – now!

The tools to protect ourselves are available.

We will know early in the New Year how well we did during the holidays

We have seen those rising numbers before. They will be back again if we do not take care of ourselves.


The 1320 number has not been seen in the Region for some time.

The numbers for the Region are above.

The 370 active cases is likely to grow.

The numbers for Burlington are above.

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5 comments to Most recent Covid19 infections set out below – they are nothing to be proud of – they point to our negligence

  • Denise W.

    Somehow the url in the link become munged, I’ll try again with a tiny url

    Israel is going ahead with a fourth booster. UK, Germany and other are officially considering, but also ordering more. Does that suggest anything? What isn’t discussed a

    I was going to do a study of latest treatments approved in Canada, but I don’t think Tom would like it, I’ll leave it to him as he has better access to data. I do note that only one of the antibody treatments (sotrovimab) seems to work against the Omicron variant, that I am aware of. In my opinion, and it is in tight supply. There is still the Delta variant, but Omicron seems to be less prone to cause severe lung involvement in a young person (which was the hallmark of Delta)
    This treatment is approved in Canada, but don’t let down your guard.
    It is approved though,

    The new Pfizer antiviral product looks promising and they are cranking it out as fast as they can. No actual field experience as it just started to ship this week. Barring any surprises, it will be most welcome.

    Tom, I did not write the National Post article or have any connection with the author. Yet you say that I made accusations of malpractice. What you read in my post was part of the NP article tag line, not my writing. No doubt you noticed that later and the quote mark. It is from the article. I was only quoting it.
    Somehow it got munged with the url. I did attempt a correction to the editor and I think that is when the leading quotation mark, (that was inexplicably in the url) got removed.
    The depth of your accusation is not wasted on me. I intended it to be plain that it was a quote from the article. Not my words.

    I’ll let you inform us about monoclonal antibody treatments as by the time I can make an opinion my information is days old; inaccurate and without merit.

    Leaving towards the door….I have mentioned this previously. Very interesting idea.

    This is only opinion, to foster discussion. Anything resembling a fact is purely coincidental and should not be considered as such. My time is up.

  • Tom Muir

    I think the almost panic public rush to get a vaccine, any vaccine, along with test kits, shows us clearly that once again, we have only people themselves who were doing the Nero fiddling to blame.

    What I see here is mostly OPINION, toeing the well known National Post editorial bias.

    And Denise goes too far with inflammatory accusations of malpractice with only a mostly an empty, fact free basis.

    Omicron just popped up a month ago so just wait and see.

  • Denise W.

    All the infections are not Omicron. People should not lose sight of that.
    As for Canada’s “response”, Nero fiddles….

    From The National Post, dated Dec 21, 2021.“booster-shots-were-dismissed-for-months
    Sabrina Maddeaux: Scrambling Canadians should be furious booster shots were dismissed for months
    What we’re dealing with here hews much closer to public health malpractice”

    • Philip Waggett

      Denise, thanks for posting this article from the National Post. Health Canada and NACI have no record to be proud of. I noted this earlier in the year when NACI, likely due to political pressure arising out of the vaccine shortages, decided to lengthen the time between the first and second dose of vaccine from 3 weeks (optimum) to 12 weeks. This strategy may have worked well for people with healthy immune systems but for people over 70 and those who are immunocompromised, the three week interval was critical for consolidating the immune response. But NACI said nothing. Fortunately, here in Ontario, the provincial ministry provided a means to get a timely second dose.

    • Bruce Leigh

      Fiddling how? Who do you think is fiddling?

      Other than Israel and UK please list all those countries that are way ahead of Canada in both second dose and booster shots administered to their populations. Many like you back in the spring threw rocks at the Trudeau government for being ill prepared in the procurement of vaccines. That proved a completely incorrect assessment. But one does not hear praise from those same voices for its huge success in procuring the vaccines in a timely fashion and getting them out to the Provincial quickly.

      The dithering has been at the Provincial governments level where particularly PC governments have reached erratically, slowly, and with obvious defference to the business lobby rather than to the scientific and medical experts.