MP McMahon announces new provincial funding of $11.2 million for the Joseph Brant Hospital.

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March 24th, 2018



The Joseph Brant Hospital will be getting $11.2 million in new provincial government funding that will be added to Joseph Brant Hospital’s budget for 2018/19.

McMahon - First public as Minister

Burlington MP Eleanor McMahon is also the chair of the Treasury Board.

Members of the provincial legislature have been fanning out across the province making funding announcements on increases in funding for hospitals.  Burlington MPP Eleanor McMahon was at Joseph Brant Hospital yesterday to outline how this major increase in hospital funding will provide better access to care, reduce wait times, address capacity issues and better meet the needs of Burlington’s changing population.

This overall increase of 4.6 per cent across the province is on top of the 3.2 per cent provided last year — allowing hospitals to invest with more precision in the care and supports that address the specific needs of their patients and community.

An architects rendering of the new entrance to the Joseph Brant Hospital whch will now face the lake. The entrance will be off LAkeshore Road with the new parking lot just to the west of the hospital.

McMahon said “Patients and families across Ontario will also directly benefit from this increased funding with the expansion of essential services to reduce wait times and priority procedures such as cardiac care, critical care, chemotherapy, treatment for strokes, hip and knee replacements, and medical imaging.”

McMahon added in her media release that the is responding to rapid economic change by bringing in a higher minimum wage and better working conditions, free tuition for hundreds of thousands of students, easier access to affordable child care, and free prescription drugs for everyone under 25, and 65 or over, through the biggest expansion of medicare in a generation.

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7 comments to MP McMahon announces new provincial funding of $11.2 million for the Joseph Brant Hospital.

  • Marshall

    I presume that McMahon would rather play with a rubber duck that represent the constituents of Burlington. This might require some initiative and the guts to go against some of the outlandish policies of the inept Wynne government.

  • D.Duck

    Stephen White:

    “That isn’t just bad policy making…it’s bad management!”………….but excellent politics and isn’t that what politicians have become.

    • Stephen White

      Sadly….I admit you are right!

    • Phillip

      You are right–it is excellent politics. So good of McMahon to show up with a promise to spend, spend, spend! And no one questions the benefit of spending on healthcare. However, the question must be asked–when did McMahon show up to support a moratorium on closing Burlington high-schools? When did McMahon show up on the intensification fiasco in downtown Burlington–largely a result of her government’s mandate? When did McMahon show up in the ongoing controversy over the Tyandaga Quarry? However, she did show up with a rubber duck!!!

  • Stephen White

    If anyone questions why Ontario has the highest sub-national debt of any government in the world at $310 billion reading this article will likely provide you with the answer.

    It is one thing to provide citizens with needed public services. That isn’t in question, and that isn’t at issue. In fact, that is laudable. However, to do it on the eve of a provincial election in such a blatantly partisan manner is tacky. To do it without regard to the overt layering of public spending without first doing the necessary due diligence to ensure that the monies provided will be used wisely or for specific programs or initiatives implies a lack of proper oversight.

    The Liberals keep introducing a plethora of government programs, and compounding one program announcement with another, without carefully evaluating whether each new investment yields the intended benefit. That isn’t just bad policy making…it’s bad management!

  • D.Duck

    Amazing Liberal bribery and election ploy.

    We, the Liberals, are going to give to Healthcare, i.e., Hospitals, Sick Kids, Mental Health, prescription meds OHIP+, etc, all this money.

    We, the Liberals, never did anything for Healthcare over the last 10+ years and in fact, we significantly reduced Healthcare budgets to the point where Ontario is amongst the worst provinces in Canada when looking at Healthcare performance quality indicators.

    We, the Liberals, are opening your tax dollars to bank roll our election promises, but only if you re-elect us.

    We, the Liberals, defy the PC party to renege on these Liberal election expenditure promises, cause if you do, you PCs are out.

    We, the Liberals, know who to play the political game. Remember, it’s about the elite getting re-elected for the power. It has nothing to do with the constituents.

  • Centerline

    Only if the Liberals get Re-elected. The Vote buying season in in full swing now. Promises Promises