MPP will be in chat mode next Wednesday - look for her on her bike at the Pier

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July 27th, 2017



She wants you to join her on the Pier for a bike ride and a chat next week.

McMahon with a bike

Eleanor McMahon before she was elected to the provincial legislature.

Burlington MPP Eleanor McMahon has used riding a bike to great advantage in her political career – she was one of the driving forces on Share the Road before she was tapped to run for public office in Burlington where the Tories had owned the seat for more than 70 years.

There is a provincial election on its way – June 7th, 2018 and McMahon, like every MPP, is out and about meeting people.

She is a strong campaigner, one of the best in the Region and bonds well with people.

McMahon bike meet upSo – if you want a couple of minutes with your MPP and can get out on your bike – be at the Pier on Wednesday, August 1st at 6:00 pm.

But don’t drive your bike – that’s a no no. Not sure the MPP was fully aware that bikes are not permitted on the Pier

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7 comments to MPP will be in chat mode next Wednesday – look for her on her bike at the Pier

  • Sharon

    Yes, there were a group of parents from Robert Bateman High School that talked to her. Maybe she could talk to Kathleen Wynne about overturning the decisions of not just Robert Bateman and Pearson High Schools but the other 200ish other schools that have been voted for closure across the Province. Mitzie Hunter has admitted that the PAR is a flawed process so why would you allow schools to be closed under this same process?

    Eleanor, you must be quite confident your Liberal party is going to get reelected in next year’s election. I wonder if you will be.
    Use your VOICE and tell Kathleen Wynne and Mitzie Hunter that BURLINGTON wants the decision of the Halton District School Board overturned immediately!!!

    Editor’s note: Content edited – statement that cannot be verified removed.

  • Steve Atkinson

    Wait…we have an MPP? I wonder what her opinion would be on the fact that the Ontario Liberal Government has paused all PAR reviews and school closures, since the process is a complete disaster, except in Burlington? Maybe her message is that bicycles are the new schools? Education is a bicycle? Students should ride bicycles around their closed and empty schools? Rubble from the demolished Burlington schools could be used to fill in the lakefront and build a bigger pier? Sorry, getting carried away on this one, its just too ridiculous.

  • Stephen White

    I would agree with Marshall….except I would add that she should have been meeting with Pearson and Bateman parents and students BEFORE the vote to close these two schools. She was noticeably absent in discussions and meetings leading up to, during and even after the vote.

    Public relations gimmicks like riding her bike on the pier don’t cut it with an electorate increasingly fed up with a provincial government and a Premier who are financially irresponsible and seriously out of touch with public opinion.

  • Marshall

    She should be meeting at Pearson or Bateman not on the pier. I’m a cyclist and the only advice I could give her is to get on her bike and ride as far away from Burlington as possible and don’t come back.

  • Mr.Bean

    According to the city website bicycles are allowed to be ridden on the Brant Street pier. Crazy but true

  • BurlingtonLocal

    Piers always go nowhere. Otherwise they become a bridge.

  • Phillip

    How fitting that a Liberal wants to meet on that spending boondoggle the Pier to Nowhere–that monument to fiscal profigacy and poor management! However, perhaps she can pedal to Pearson or Bateman High School to talk to people there!