Mt nemo plateau could become a Heritage Conservation District. Ramifications for some property owners would be significant.

By Pepper Parr


January 13, 2014

There they were, all seven of them, smiling and apparently happy to be back at their desks after a rather protracted holiday absence.  Your city council was in session as a Standing Committee

And they were busy little beavers as well.

City council wants to seriously consider turning the Mt.Nemo Plateau into a Heritage Conservation District. Further study was approved at a Standing Committee earlier today.

More detail will follow but the city is taking a hard serious look at creating a Heritage Conservation District on property north of Dundas, west of Walkers Line to the municipal border and north to Britannia Road.

A total of $50,000 has been spent on a report that sets out the cultural heritage of that part of the city and the reasons why this part of the city should be considered as a Heritage Conservation District.

The first thing that happens when this is approved – and it look as if it will be – it got through the Standing Committee unanimously – is the implementation of an Interim Bylaw that would freeze all development while the matter is studied.   That is a huge step.

More on this one later in the week.

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