New Democrats get donations from more individuals than the other two parties combined.

By Staff

October 10th, 2021



We can’t seem to get out of election mode.

The Ontario New Democrats announced earlier today that more individual donations were made to the NDP than all other parties combined

Their fundraising topped $2 million with an average donation of just $29

Internal numbers show the Ontario NDP’s fundraising for 2021 hit $2,001,338.60 at the end of September. Incredibly, the average donation to the NDP was just $29.18. With months left to go in the year, the party has received a whopping 68,591 individual donations — more than all other donations to all other parties in Ontario combined.

It will take more than a thumbs up – but the fund raising results are looking very good for the NDP

“Day after day, Doug Ford charges his buddies $1,500 a pop to golf or have lunch with him,” said Ontario NDP Provincial Director Lucy Watson. “In total contrast, 70,000 times so far this year, Ontarians have sent us small, incredibly meaningful donations. These folks share Andrea Horwath’s vision for a government that’s finally in it for everyday families, and we’re so excited to be building this movement with them.”

The NDP’s internal numbers include donations under $200 — which are not included in Elections Ontario reporting, thanks to changes by the Doug Ford government.

Elections Ontario’s public reporting shows that the Ontario Liberal Party has raised just $600,000 from 3,300 donations in 2021 so far. Ford’s PC Party raised $5 million from only 8,482 individual donations.

The Ontario NDP paused its fundraising efforts during the federal election campaign.

New Democrats will be in a very Thankful mood this weekend.

Do those numbers auger a change in the mood of the electorate? Could be.

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2 comments to New Democrats get donations from more individuals than the other two parties combined.

  • Alan Harrington

    Ontario Liberal Party raised. $600,000
    NDP’s fundraising hit ……..$2,001,339
    PC Party raised…………….. $5,000,000

    My understanding is that the party raising the MOST money would benefit most.

    But sure – congrats to the NDP !

  • Steven Holman

    Everyone likes free stuff