New Democrats open their campaign office - bring a sense that this just might be their time in Burlington

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May 11th, 2018



This Saturday, the New Democrats in Burlington will open their campaign office – in the same location that political party has used for years; located at 2232 Mountainside Dr, Burlington.

Walter and Drummond NDP

Former Burlington Mayor Walter Mulkewich guiding his latest NDP candidate Andrew Drummond, in the orange shirt, around town. This time the New Democrats just might have a shot at the seat.

Andrew Drummond, the NDP candidate for Burlington will formally open his campaign office – the same faces will be in the room that were there last time. But this time out there will be more spring in their step.

The people of Burlington just might become part of what is, at this point, a not so quiet growing dislike for Doug Ford and the feeling that they have had enough of the provincial Liberals.

The campaign is short – four weeks and in the world of politics that is a lifetime.

Money is being spent faster than any drunken sailor ever spent. The late Jack Layton showed the public what can happen when a public is dis-enchanted – and the Ontario public is very disenchanted right now.

Andrew Drummond Headshot

Andrew Drummond – NDP candidate for Burlington.

Andrew Drummond, a Burlington resident for 14 years, has spent his entire 15-year professional career in the telecommunications industry and currently works on Large Enterprise Strategy for Rogers Communications. He decided to run for office to combat the effects of the growing inequality gap in the province.

He is young, brings a fresh face to the party – no baggage.

Worth a look – Andrea Horwath is going to make sure you hear the NDP story.

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