New Gazebo in Spencer Smith park getting the finishing touches.

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March 3rd, 2017



It was to be built with federal money and there was a deadline – March 15th of this year – so there wasn’t much time for photo ops for the political class.

Willow - gazebo to the left

The old Gazebo had some character – this view shows the stump of the magnificent willow that was cut down.

Down came the old structure – at a time when the public wouldn’t see it happening. Down came those two magnificent willow trees that were nowhere near the level of rot that the arbourists said they were – which was the reason they were taken down – public safety.

Gazebo - new location

The new Gazebo – looks a bit like the kind of place Mennonites would tie up their horses to keep them out of the sunshine. Not a lot of character to this pretty bland looking feature to one of the best waterfront parks in this country.

The new gazebo doesn’t appear to have all that much character – but let’s give them time to finish the job. It had to be made fully accessible.

The waterfront we have today is the result of the hard work and consistent effort by Spencer Smith who was a merchant with a shop on Brant Street yards away from the edge of the lake.

The two will trees were planted by Smith.

Parts of the willow trees were saved and will be cut into planks that will be used to build objects – perhaps a desk that will be used by future Mayors?

There were 200 seedlings taken as well.  They are being nursed and will be given away at some point in the future.  THAT will be the photo op for the political class.

Who was Spencer Smith

The evolution of the new Gazebo

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7 comments to New Gazebo in Spencer Smith park getting the finishing touches.

  • David Fenton

    I vote that one of the planks be used on the end of the pier, we could march the Mayor and his gang on a long walk off a very short pier for crimes against heritage and tree’s.

  • Maggie

    I’ve seen nicer gazebo’s for sale at Canadian Tire and I’m guessing for a lot less money. Has the cost been published. Whatever it is this is a waste of money. This so called gazebo has no redeeming features.

  • Jade Ed

    This is the limit of COB’s imagination; if they could have fashioned one out of concrete they would have; at least that would have blended in with the rest of the concrete park. Maybe they’ll repaint it “Burlington Blue” oh, and of course, stick a plaque on it. Are they keeping the ports-loos? hope so, they really add something to the park.

  • Brian Jones

    Unfortunately, the character is bland. Actually resembles an open air BBQ pit.
    Even the meeting area and the fireplace in Bronte park has more appeal

  • Stephen White

    The new Gazebo is not only lacking in character it is downright ugly!! The old one at least had some style.

    Maybe the pieces of the willow tree could be used to provide some railings or something on the new Gazebo. Just about anything would be an improvement.

  • Steve Warner


  • Penny

    Have to wonder how much the City paid someone to come up with this design. Absolutely no character. Interesting that they had to have a gazebo that was fully accessible but the Pier is not. Try getting to the top of the staircase to get a better view if you are disabled in any way.

    Every time I look at the pier it reminds me of the mesh cage one puts around cucumber plants to keep them from falling to the ground. How ridiculous this pier is going to look once the Bridgewater Project is complete.