New police HQ gets commissioned - will be open to the public September 24th.

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

September 15th, 2018



Police HQ flgs flying

With the flags in place and the ribbon cut – the building is in the hands of the police. Public will be able to get services on September 24th.

It is a very impressive building. One that reflects the changes that have taken place in the way policing is done in the 21st Century.

Almost every Halton Regional Police service were let out of the office to take part in the flag raising and official commissioning of the building.

Regional Chair Gary Carr explained that the project took ten years to be made final and then two years to build.

The 911 communications unit was in place and fully operational.

The weapons firing range is complete – some minor bits and pieces to be added.  The size of the shooting range is impressive; it has a door that allows a full size SUV to be brought in for training purposes.

At this point training is located in several sites throughout the Region.  The new HQ brings everyone into the same building.

Other units are being moved over one at a time.

Shooting range

Shooting range can handle pistols, shot-guns and carbines.

The building will be open to the public on September 24th.

Security is tight – really tight. A little too tight for this reporter’s comfort level.

It is a functional building – nothing fancy. It is a place where people work. The Chief’s office is standard civil service issue.

DNA roomFinger print roomThe changes in policing are reflected in the signage. DNA testing was not one of the identity tools that police has ten years ago.

At these “official” events the politicians do most of the speaking – with an election in the offing the speeches get a little long. Every dignitary got a shout out.

The Chiefs

W.I.J. Harding, Gary Crowell, Chief Tanner, Ean Algar and Peter Campbell

There were four former police chiefs in the audience; W.I.J. Harding, Gary Crowell, Ean Algar and Peter Campbell

Stair well

There are elevators. The building is spacious but there is nothing extravagant about the design and the finishes.

Chair Gary Carr gave an excellent rationale for the new building. He made the link between first class police service, the fact that Halton has been in the top rankings as a safe community for close to a decade and the rate at which economic development takes place.

“Corporations want to locate in communities that are safe for their employees; they want to be in communities that have excellent access to large urban centres and close to major transportation routes” said Carr.

911 room

The 911 Communications room was operational The staff handle all kinds of information and have what they need at the tip of their fingers. This operator works with seven monitors.

The new police headquarters looks over the QEW.  It isn’t a pretty building, the architect isn’t going to get any awards for this one.  It is functional and will do the job.

Command structure - cake cutting

It wasn’t all official stuff. The Police force command, two deputies and a Chief took part in the cutting of a cake. Leading the Service are Chief Stephen Tanner, Deputy Chief of Regional Operations Roger Wilkie on the left and Deputy Chief of District Operations Nishan Duraiappah.

New HQ

It isn’t a pretty building- but it will do the job for the taxpayers who paid for it.

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2 comments to New police HQ gets commissioned – will be open to the public September 24th.

  • Susie

    I commend the decision makers on the “new, plain and simple” style for the Police HQ! It is great! “Pretty”, or the like, does nothing to make the establishment run any better and the people now are taxed so high for “glass construction”, etc. that is not necessary for it’s purpose.

  • Steve D

    Interesting article. I guess I could google where it is, other than somewhere in the Halton region.