Nice idea - could we do that here?

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April 22nd, 2020



Somewhere in Germany – food is put in a plastic bag and left for people who need it.

Simple, almost elegant.

Food - somewhere in GermanyIf you tried that in Burlington – it would probably be a bylaw infraction or Legal would find a way to say – that it can’t be done.

Nice idea though – eh!  Makes you feel good

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4 comments to Nice idea – could we do that here?

  • Eve St Clair

    More plastic pollution and no control of what’s in bags . Hard no Let people use the resources already in place

  • Helen Donohoe

    So creative and appropriate. I’m sure the bags are very welcome for those in need.

  • Penny Hersh

    What impresses me the most is the anonymity of this action? No one wants to have any recognition. This in my opinion is true generosity.

  • Rob Allan

    Good idea. Don’t have to worry about perishables… they would survive here for six months of the year!