Nothing more delicious than overheard comment about someone you know.

BURLINGTON, ON  June 2, 2012  There is something absolutely delicious about over hearing a conversation others are having about someone you know.  Our parents told us it wasn’t polite to listen in and perhaps it isn’t polite – but we listen in nevertheless.  And we can’t wait to pass on what we heard.

Our source for what follows is impeccable – we would trust our first born with this man.   He was sitting in the lobby of a public building – attending a by invitation only event.

Two ladies of a certain age were seated nearby and noticed Burlington’s MPP Jane McKenna walk into the space and one said to the other:

Oh, it’s going to be one of those events – Marvelous Mike will be here soon too.

To which the second lady replied:

Where have I heard that – the Marvelous Mike thing?

The first lady explains – It’s on that web site, the one done by the guy with the white hair.

Yes, said the second lady.  I don’t understand the thing.  What does he mean by cheeky and irrelevant.

The first lady corrects her friend and says – he says : cheeky and irreverent.

Oh responds the second lady of a certain age.

And continue with

“Why does he always talk about the kimono having to be open?”

The first responds with:

I think he must have had a bad experience in a Japanese brothel.


Ms  McKenna stayed at the by invitation only event.

Marvelous Mike was in Ottawa doing the nation’s business.

Pepper Parr has never been to Japan

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1 comment to Nothing more delicious than overheard comment about someone you know.

  • tony millimgton

    Cheap shots at our elected Official’s are just that. I find both of these people that were elected through a democratic process are very helpful and easily contacted.