One more house in the Beachway reported to have been sold - Region argues all sales are between a willing buyer and a willing seller.

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September 22, 2017



Another house is reported to have been sold in the Beachway, that section of Lakeshore Road that is now the front entrance to the Joseph Brant Hospital.

The cohesion that community once had has not held – different property owners are deciding what is in their individual best interests and making the best deal they can with the Regional government that still sticks to its position that all sales transactions are on a willing seller willing buyer basis.

In the photograph set out below the house on the left is the one that is believed to have been sold. The house on the right is in terrible shape – it is the last one of its style n the Burlington side of the canal and is worth at least an effort to preserve the house and move it to some other location.

Beachway - Lakeshore house 912 Lk Crt

The space between the two houses represents three lots that each once had a house on it in what was part of a less prosperous part of town. Councillor Blair Lancaster once described that community as a part of town nice girls didn’t visit.

Where is the Heritage Advisory committee on what could be a gem of a home if it were refurbished.

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