One more step – pier looking better and better every day. Beacon – minus a wind turbine going in today.



By Pepper Parr

Each day a little bit more gets done.  This morning, when we were told it was going to be a lot warmer than it actually was, four of the metal structures that will form the “beacon”  at the top of the node that is on the pier were put in place.

It is something to watch as the crane helper move his hands to tell the crane operator where to swing the load that is at the end of the cable that swings the piece into place.

Riggers call this “flying” the pieces into place.

Two of four parts that will complete the beacon sitting atop the node on the Brant Street Pier opening during the Sound of Music Festival.

To ensure there is no damage to the pier, deck equipment with wheels have to wear socks.  These came in in black with red sides.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine what two metals ribbons going up each side of the pier with two bands of stainless steel painted Burlington blue – there really is such a colour. It will be absolutely stunning – expensive but stunning

Late next week the first of the rails will arrive – they are going to be absolutely stunning.  All the lights are in place, the beacon itself will get finished off next week and have its lights put in place as well.

The device – a self-operated little bucket crane was being used to complete some of the electric parts.  What surprised some of the construction people were the “socks” the machine wore.  They are in place to prevent the wheels of the machine from damaging the surface of the pier deck.

It won’t be long before the Burlington Teen Tour Band is marching out to the end and coming back in towards the city, flags flying and instruments tooting and banging away.

Hopefully it will be warmer.

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1 comment to One more step – pier looking better and better every day. Beacon – minus a wind turbine going in today.

  • Penny Hersh

    I have been reading your columns extolling the virtues of the Pier….Are you for real? The Burlington Teen Tour Band which is large in size better be careful or they will be marching into the water. I can’t wait to walk the Pier and count how many steps it takes to get to the end of it, and then figure out how much each step has cost the taxpayer.