One of the best restaurateurs in the city appears to be prepping for a return - this time as Emmas Kitchen

By Pepper Parr

April 7th, 2022



Most people are aware of the financial hit the hospitality sector has taken as a result of the pandemic.

The deep thinkers at the Economic Development Corporation and the leadership at the Burlington Restaurant Association believe it is going to take between 18 and 24 months for some to recover.

Those that had to take on a load of debt are going to need as much as three to five years to fully recover.

Craig Kowalchuk – on the way to a come-back?

One restaurant operate appears to be positioning himself for a new launch.

Craig Kowalchuk who operated Emmas Back Porch – very successfully for years has a new brand name on his T shirt.

Kowalchuk took the position that the pandemic was going to last a long time and renting space that he could not use due to closures was just not good business.

He put the corporation into bankruptcy and gave the landlord the keys.

The landlord gussied up the place a bit and does some private rentals.

When the conditions are right – look for Kowalchuk to appear in a new location- unless of course the owner of the property sees wisdom in welcoming back his former tenant.

It was the best spot for a brew and a decent meal – out on the patio overlooking the lake.. It will re-open at some point – under whose operation – no one is certain at this point.

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5 comments to One of the best restaurateurs in the city appears to be prepping for a return – this time as Emmas Kitchen

  • Penny Hersh

    The only reason the buildings along that part of Lakeshore are not being torn down is because no developer can build anything that close to the water. Conservation Halton has determined how far from the water’s edge one can build.

    I don’t believe that it has anything to do with the Emma’s being designated as an historic property.

  • Joe Gaetan

    Good thing Angela Lansbury, or, was it Pepper Parr who spotted the “Emma’s Kitchen” logo on Craig’s top. Excellent example of good brand pre-marketing.

  • perryb

    Go, Emma, Go!

  • Diane Knox

    May this be SO. This Historic Eatery from The Estaminet , Tree top Lounge, Water Street Cooker, Emma’s is the last Bastion of Hope for the preservation of the Heritage of Burlington Downtown.
    Generations of Burlington citizens, Dinned, Danced, Enjoyed the views and Created Family Memories. May we Save this Iconic site from the the Glass and Concrete Wishes of Developers. “If it Re-opens, We Will Come Again.” We Miss you. Good Luck

    Just Wondering-Is this a Protected Historical Property and if Not why Not?

  • Jacqueline Z Stoddart

    Please, please, please Emma come back!