Ontario's premier gets into the election trenches with the federal Liberals.

SwP thumbnail graphicBy Pepper Parr

August 10th, 2015


The Premier and a couple of her Ministers are going to announce some of the design features for the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan that Kathleen Wynne thinks the citizens of Ontario need.

And why is that news? – Because we are in a federal election campaign and Wynne has made it clear that she is going to work very hard to get Liberal leader Justin Trudeau elected.

Wynne Kathleen - looking guilty gas plant hearingWynne feels something has to be done to improve the pensions that people will need when they retire and because the federal government has shown no interest in making it possible for people to add to what they set aside for future pensions – the province of Ontario has to step in and do something – now.
Wynne has been banging away at Prime Minister Harper for months to get him to hold meetings with all the Premiers – not something he is interested in doing. So Wynne announces that she will hold a press conference to talk about the “design features” of the pension plan she wants to put in place.

Is he what we want?  The name doesn't hurt - now what has he got in the way of ideas?

Is he what we want? The name doesn’t hurt – now what has he got in the way of ideas?

Of course should Justin Trudeau manage to become the Prime Minister all the work Premier Wynne has had done will be set aside and the new federal government will make changes to the current Canada Pension plan – which is what should have been done in the first place – but the current Prime Minister doesn’t want to be seen cooperating with Liberals and certainly not with Kathleen Wynne.

These politicians do play games.

We’ll let you know what the Wynne pension plan design features look like.

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1 comment to Ontario’s premier gets into the election trenches with the federal Liberals.

  • D. Duck

    Wynne is the greatest politician there is!! It’s all a shell game for her. Hydro one employees get a great sweet heart deal with wage increases and stock in the new company but Wynne states that this is will be net neutral in 20yrs (my goodness she has a crystal ball too) so it’s OK. Wynne got unions to do attack ads on her behalf against Hudak’s Tories and now turns to these same unions and says, “sorry, we must increase class size which is political speaking for downsizing teachers. Coal plants, erase the computers scandal, no tax but just a premium on health, eHealth, offer a job on the sly (too bad for a tape recorder) to a liberal candidate to step down because he didn’t look the liberal stature, Ornge Medical Helicopter scandal, new sex-ed curriculum for minors, Ontario Credit rating down graded on the S&P, Ontario economy twice as poor as California, etc, etc.

    Now she hooks her wagon (there is a joke in here) to the federal Liberals so that IF they win the election, they will hopefully bail out Ontario (kinda like what Wynne promised the teacher’s unions….and we know how well that is working for that union). Really!!

    Furthermore, this ORPP is going to cripple small businesses who can’t afford to pay 1.7% of employee’s gross salary. The employee does not want to pay 1.7% of their salary (no movie this wk kids, hey that bread is only 4days old and its on sale) and I don’t want Wynne’s gov’t to manage my asset (doing a great job with our debt and deficit) at another tax pay bureaucracy cost to us!! Finally, When you die at 67yo and have put 30-40 years of your own money into this ORPP………guess how gets that money………your correct……Wynne and that folks is a Win of another kind!!