Open letter from the Chief of the Halton Regional Police.

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January 5th, 2018



It was a very relieved Regional Police Chief who sent a letter electronically to everyone in the Region – thanking them for the help given to avert the death of a senior who was out in the freezing weather without winter clothing.

Missing Jan 4-18

Margaret McCormick found in a wooded area some distance from her senior’s residence.

Margaret McCormick was reported missing at 2:30 yesterday. The alarm went out and the frantic effort to find the woman before she froze to death began.

The police knew what they were up against and they pushed every button they had available to them.  Evening was approaching – the police knew there was no time to spare.  Things tightened up in the communications section where everyone was an edge – waiting for that critical telephone call.  It came – well let the Chief thank everyone.

Chief Tanner, in his open letter said: “As experience has shown us, whenever someone vulnerable goes missing in the community, every minute counts.

“On the afternoon of January 4, a 78-year-old woman wandered away from her senior’s residence in Burlington. Without a winter coat, physically frail, unfamiliar with the area, and with temperatures plummeting to record lows, it was a race against time to locate this resident and bring her home safely.

“Halton Regional Police Service put out an immediate call to action, and the community responded in an emphatic way:


Regional Police Chief Stephen Tanner

“Our local and regional media partners worked swiftly to assist us in circulating key details to the public;

“The public leveraged their full social media potential to extend the reach of the missing person alert; and

“Local first responder partners (including Burlington Fire and Halton EMS) coordinated resources quickly and seamlessly in extremely challenging and exigent conditions.

“Four hours after she first went missing, acting on a tip from CN Railway personnel, the elderly woman was located in a wooded area, conscious, but suffering from cold-related injuries due to exposure to the harsh elements. She is currently recovering in hospital.

“We are strongest when we work together. Last night’s incredible outcome would not have been possible without the support and contributions of our entire community — the public at large, members of the media, and all first responder agencies.

“I thank you, on behalf of the entire Service, for your continued support of our efforts to preserve and enhance community safety and well-being in Halton Region. We could not do what we do without you.

“Together, we truly are one team.”

Tanner signarure

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1 comment to Open letter from the Chief of the Halton Regional Police.

  • Susie

    What a wonderful ending to the story. As the saying goes for all involved in this successful outcome: united we stand (with a good chance of success), and divided we fall (with a good chance for failure). My thanks to all who made this a united successful mission.