Our Last Comment on the Federal Election in Burlington

By Pepper Parr

September 28th, 2021



It is time to bring to an end the machinations of the recent federal election.

In the ten years the Gazette has been publishing we have never seen the bitter, angry misinformed comment from some of our readers.

One in particular, who chose to comment in the name she used most of the time and then on other occasions used her maiden name.

She made the claim – that a Conservative running for office would never take part in a one on one interview with the Gazette.

Clip from an interview with Mike Wallace

Mike Wallace advertisement in the Gazette – he ran several different ads.

We have to correct her. In 2015 Mike Wallace did an interview with us; he also advertised in the Gazette.

We were never able to convince Emily Brown to sit down for an interview.  This was a decision she made not have made on her own.  Except for a Conservative candidate in Milton, the Gazette was not able to do interviews with Conservative candidates.

Not healthy from a public engagement perspective.  And just plain bad politics.

We gave some thought to setting up a small card table right outside the Conservative campaign offices and waiting for Ms Brown – but thought the better of it – she is a gun toting lady and we are told a good shot as well.



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