Who are these people and why do they think they can pressure city Hall?

Basically it is a bunch of people who give a damn. The logged in hundreds of hour producing a report they felt could not be […]

Sailing, sailing over the ocean blue…

Wait a minute that’s a skate board. By Pepper Parr It doesn’t have turn signals – approach with caution. BURLINGTON, ON February 19, 2011 – […]

Time to get the golden watch and spend time with the grandchildren.

By Staff Guess this wasn’t to be campaign literature. BURLINGTON, ON, February 21, 2011 – She isn’t going to run again. Joyce Savoline, MPP announced […]

Have you noticed the changes? Really?

By staff It’s still not complete (is changing the look of something ever done) and there are some small changes we want to make, but […]

Not sure this train is actually going to go anywhere.

No station for it to stop at in Burlington. By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON February 2, 2011 – Well – there is a committee – […]

That stadium opportunity? Money may not be the biggest issue.

The size of the opportunity and the risk for the community has to be fully assessed. The optics could be a stumbling block. By Pepper […]

Let’s learn just what the football team wants us to do, and then, as our Mayor has said, do our homework

By Pepper Parr Like Sgt. Friday in the old TV series “Dragnet” used to say, “Only the facts M’am. Just give me the facts.” Eric […]

Sports complex in Aldershot being considered by city

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON December 28, 2010 – Mayor Rick Goldring and Ward 1 Council member Rick Craven met with the owners of the […]

Interested? How interested? Put it in writing.

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON December 31, 2010 – The city of Burlington has begun to set the ground rules for any business it might do […]

Don’t mess with the soccer Moms

Women’s soccer teams Want time slots back. By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON January 9, 2011 – A soccer Mom is someone you do not want […]

Burlington Mayor’s State of the city address

Delivered at a Burlington Chamber of Commerce Breakfast January 20, 2011 I have to tell you….the first time I became aware of this event was […]

More than 800 Burlingtonians pack Mainway
and there wasn’t even a hockey game.

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON December 14, 2010 – More than 1200 people packed the Mainway Arena in Burlington the evening of the first snow […]

Our Performing Arts Centre goes
on stage before Council with budget

Will there be roses? By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON Jan 31st, 2011 – Will they be throwing roses on the stage when the Burlington Performing […]

Recovering the Lost Art of Citizenship

With its clarion call, “City Hall must reinvent itself”, the Shape Burlington Report emphasized how citizens can more effectively be engaged with City Hall and its decision-making processes. […]

Former reporter and now author likes the idea of the Ticats coming to Burlington

What it cries out for today is some reaction on both sides of the coin, of the revived interest in Aldershot as a new home […]

Here is what I heard

BURLINGTON, ON December 1, 2010 – A new start, difficult when the problems from the immediate past are there staring at you. But Mayor Rick […]

What did Crombie teach us?
Will we rise to the challenge?

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON January 16, 2011 – He came and as always he was entertaining and informative. He knows what he is talking […]

Being transparent is not easy, but it is a sign

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON February 4, 2011 – Each of the media in any community look to see what the other guy is doing. […]

Incredible opportunity but read the fine print

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON December 31, 2010 – Keep these three phrases at your finger tips: transparency, Shape Burlington and legal advice. Transparency – […]

Report to our readers – when you open the door and the house is empty – were you robbed ?

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON February 17, 2011 – Well, we weren’t robbed but when we went to open the door last Wednesday – there was […]