Palettas puts their muscle behind bid to bring Commonwealth Games to the city.

By Pepper Parr

December 12th, 2021



The three of them were before a city Standing Committee to talk about a bid that was being made for the 100th version of the Commonwealth Games scheduled for 2030.

They didn’t come asking for money – they came asking the city to be part of the vision.
The site for the Games was going to be property owned by Penta Properties, the land holding part of Paletta International.

In the past, Angelo Paletta, the more ebullient of the four Paletta boys, spoke for the family company. Paul was made president of Penta; he sets the course and executes on the business plans.

Paletta chose to read from his notes.

“I’m Paul Paletta, the new president CEO of Penta properties. As some of you may be aware beyond simply taking over the operations of the family business with my brother Michael, we decided to alter the company’s vision and approach.

The Paletta clan: Late Patriarch Pat with his four sons.

Inspired by the example of our late father Pat, who loved this community, we resolved to better align our business activity with the needs of the City of Burlington, most especially as it relates to the importance of sustainability and wellness as our region emerges from the awful impacts of the pandemic.

One of the ways we’re working to demonstrate the seriousness of our resolve is in supporting the unique Commonwealth Games effort.

As you are hearing from Lou and Antonio the Games bid represents an internationally significant way of championing community, building sustainability and wellness in the area of urban planning and community programming. And owing to the Commonwealth Games process of advancing bids with business and the private sector and the need to have municipalities partner with the bidder to deliver venues with minimal government financial support, I’ve asked Lou to work with you to ensure that Burlington becomes a focus of the games efforts in building prosperous, sustainable and healthy communities.

The wording HWY 401 should read 403

And I’m proposing that this be done in part on our lands on and King Road. We have hired Dialogue, who are the game’s urban design firm to better support the development of our King Road lands as part of the game’s effort.

I’m excited to work with you in the coming months to explore other opportunities to partner with you around enhancing the quality of life of Burlington to more thoughtful development, the preservation of ecologically sensitive areas and in delivering affordable housing.

And that’s something that delighted me earlier this week when I met with some of your senior city staff and talked about options for homes involving  a leading not for profit agency in delivering innovation solutions related to housing affordability.

They are just one the many new organizations and thought leaders  we will bring to Burlington in the coming months and years. I’m willing and able and available to meet with any of the Counsellors or members of the city staff about the future of our great city.

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