Park Ambassadors on duty to answer questions

News 100 greenBy Pepper Parr

May 31st, 2021



A Gazette reader asked:

“Tell me why I see this all the time. Shouldn’t they be spread out so that those parking at any given time all along the Beachway can easily find one…or is it like when you go to a big box store and you can’t find an employee in the aisle ?”


Park Ambassadors on duty on the weekend – they are in place to answer questions and help people with parking issues.

Fair question. Unfortunately a number of weeks ago a city staff member (we are calling them Park Ambassadors) was accosted and felt their personal safety was at risk.

City Manager Tim Commisso had been adamant that he is not going to see his staff put at risk –  the Ambassador’s were to work in pairs.  (And yes the picture we got shows three people who appear to be working together).  This is the price we pay for those who feel they have a right to abuses civil servants.

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