Paul Sharman, ward 5 Councillor has said he will take part in the Orchard Park debate.

council 100x100By Pepper Parr

October 15th, 2018



The good people in the Orchard community are going to have a debate and an opportunity, finally, to hear what the incumbent city Councillor has to say for himself.

Sharman seat at ward 5

The Sharman seat was empty at the ECoB ward 5 debate was empty. He is reported to be attending the Orchard Facebook debate.

Councillor Sharman wasn’t prepared to attend the debate for the ward organized by ECoB but he is willing to take part in a debate organized by the community in the dying days of a very controversial election.

The debate will be moderated by Amy Collard, the ward public school trustee who once told the Gazette that she was considering taking a run for the city council seat.

When Councillor Sharman said he would not take part in the ECoB debate his reasons were he knew nothing about that organization: no mission statement, no financial statements, no identified Board members, which is just balderdash. A classic example of being willingly blind.

Ward 5 Waldorf

The event takes place at the Waldorf School at the Halton Waldorf School, 2193 Orchard Road.

The event was organized by the Orchard Facebook Group and taking place at the Waldorf School.

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