Pearson and Bateman high school students prearing a request for an Administrative Review of the Boards decision to close the high schools.

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June 29th, 2017



While the Board of Education staff get on with the process of closing Lester B. Pearson in 2018 and Bateman high school in 2020 parents from both schools have taken a “not so fast” approach and are seeking an Administrative review of the process that was used to make the decision.

Eric who PARCSteve Armstrong, the lead from Pearson high school on the request for the Administrative reviews reports that they are “well along the path on getting our documentation together for submission.”

“On the signature front we have greatly exceeded our minimum required. We have two piles going one for the official qualifying signatures, and a second for those such as students who wanted to show support, but don’t count against the required number. We’re going to send both as a show of support.

Bateman hug # 2

Bateman students and parents protesting.

Armstrong reports that “Its been everyone’s interpretation of the procedure that each school slated for closure needs to request an Admin Review so team Bateman is also well along. We are conversing with them to make sure that were appropriate there is overlap, and in some areas there will be individual school issues

Steve Armstrong + Cheryl deLught - Pearson

Pearson high school parents asking for a review of the decision the Board of Education made to close the school.

“Yesterday’s announcement putting future PARs on hold was interesting, but it remains to be seen if it has any impact on us….assuming for now it doesn’t so we’ll keep pushing.”

And push they will.

Expect more on this in the months ahead.

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2 comments to Pearson and Bateman high school parents preparing a request for an Administrative Review of the Board’s decision to close the two high schools.

  • Stephen White

    You can sure tell an election is around the corner. The Premier is running scared, and back-tracking on all manner of policies and practices.

    By the way: has anybody heard from our MPP? Is it my imagination or has she been uncommonly quiet and invisible throughout the whole PARC debate? Sad. Another reason why she does not deserve another term.

  • Steve Atkinson

    Now that we have been proven correct in our assertion that the PAR was flawed, by no less than Mitzie Hunter and Premier Wynne with their decision to immediately pause Ontario school closures, I wonder if this administrative review can be used as a “decision pending” designation for Pearson & Bateman as opposed to “on the chopping block”? I am certain our MPP can now provide input AND valuable assistance on this provincial decision and will contact her immediately.