People's Party appears to have a foothold in Burlington

By Pepper Parr

August 12th, 2021



People’s PArty – It was always about Mx

A usually reliable source and someone plugged into the political pulse of the city asked this morning if we knew of a person named “Jonathan Earl” who is reportedly running for the Peoples Party in the next federal election.

Anyone know the man and where we might find him?


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13 comments to People’s Party appears to have a foothold in Burlington

  • Fred Crockett

    Well, I still won’t decide for another month or so whether to vote for the Liberal or the Conservative candidate in Burlington, but have solace and comfort that I don’t have to go to a news stand to get the Toronto Sun’s spin on things….

    • Phillip Wooster

      Really Fred? This wasn’t spin–this was a report by the Federal Procurement Ombudsman. Facts do matter.

  • Joe Gaetan

    Sure,vote for a party with ZERO seats and whose leader lost his own seat.

  • Fred Crockett

    Now Phil, with a surname like mine, I am the last person to use to the sobriquet “Bertie” in any response to your comments. Many of my colleagues, though, feast on your opinions.

    I choose not to be a member of any political party, but consider myself to be a middle of the road conservative. The price of freedom is responsibility, not some form of legislative entitlement.

    Please have solace that I will not vote for Jagmeet’s candidate, nor that of Mad Max, nor the nice young man that is running for the Green Party, nor any independent candidate. Justin has some baggage, to be sure, but little Erin just whines and bitches, with a full bells and whistles nutbar front bench beside him.

    I have no difficulty with either of the Liberal or Conservative candidates in Burlington, but I look forward to your advice.


    • Phillip Wooster

      Here’s my advice, Crockett. You have a very long-winded post that could have stated more precisely, “I’m voting Liberal” and like many Liberals you try to claim that you are not one (and that’s OK, I’d be ashamed of admitting that). However, I find it very curious that you try to claim that you are a centrist conservative–the last Liberal leaders who could make that claim are Pearson, Chretien, and Martin. Certainly, Trudeau has moved significantly to the left and his stated policy positions are frequently designed to appeal to NDP voters. Many older voters continue to think of the Liberals as the centrist party of those aforementioned Prime Ministers–but they’re clearly not.

      Let’s have a look at Trudeau’s record by referencing the open letter than he (or Gerald Butts) penned to Canadians on November 4, 2015 following his election as PM. In that letter he stated, “Canadians need to have faith in their government’s honesty and willingness to listen. That is why we committed to set a higher bar for openness and transparency in Ottawa. Government and its information must be open by default. Simply put, it is time to shine more light on government to make sure it remains focused on the people it was created to serve – you.” But Trudeau lied–he has covered up investigations, frequently lied to Canadians, and refused to release documents and data. And in my opinion the deception goes much further by his apparent co-opting of MSM; earlier this week in a story which I can’t find in the MSM, Minister Guilbault announced $61 million in emergency funding to Canadian media and then refused to disclose who the recipients of that money were. And it has paid immediate dividends. On Monday, the Toronto Sun reported the following story based on the Report of the Federal Procurement Ombudsman: This story puts a lie to much of the testimony by the Liberals during the WE Scandal BUT no other newspapers nor TV stations reported it. Curious?

      In the same letter, following his election pledge to not run a deficit of over $10 billion and to balance the budget by 2019, he said, ” applies the utmost care and prudence in the handling of public funds”. Again, he lied.

      Again from the same letter, he stated his great concern for the environment ” We committed to fighting climate change and protecting our environment”. However, using the Liberals own data for which 2019 is the last year for which data is available, carbon emissions rose from 723mt to 730mt. And this is also a party that affirmed the dumping of raw sewage into our oceans. Some environmentalist!

      And of course, he obviously lied about his election pledge to electoral reform in 2015. Further in the 2019 election, he pledged not to raise carbon taxes above 2022 levels but again he lied.

      How you can just characterize these as “just baggage” is quite baffling. Trudeau’s many pronouncements only have two interconnected goals–making himself look good and increasing his political power. Whether they are true or not isn’t a major consideration.

      I want political leadership that I can trust and will provide competent economic and fiscal performance–Trudeau isn’t it. To paraphrase an old political observation, “Trudeau is like a diaper and needs to be changed for exactly the same reason”.

      • David Barker

        So, Wooster, which party in your estimation has a leader that meets your criteria of providing “political leadership that I can trust and will provide competent economic and fiscal performance”?

        In light of the shameful, deceptive “invoice” fundraising letter sent out in Ontario by the not so spic & span PC party, i assume it is a non-starter for you.

  • Phillip Wooster

    The Liberals and Karina Gould will be so pleased to hear this. I have noticed on social median an uptick in posts promoting PPC and its leader Bernier; several of these were names that I recognized that extol the virtues of the Liberal Party. Is a key strategy of the Liberal War Room to encourage voting splits in the Conservative Party to offer a Liberal candidate an easier path to victory? The key strategic decision that all conservative voters must make in the upcoming election is that job #1 is to remove Trudeau from office before he inflicts even greater damage on Canada–realistically that can only be achieved by coalescing behind the Conservative Party and here in Burlington, Emily Brown is an excellent candidate.

    • David Barker

      So, Mr Wooster, are you saying there is no truth to the rumour that the PPC will run a candidate in Burlington and that the chatter is simply Liberal Party backed counter PC covert ops?

      • Phillip Wooster

        Seems to be a problem with reading comprehension, Barker. I clearly stated two things: 1. the Liberals and Gould will be pleased with any attempt to split the Conservative vote and 2. Conservatives need to vote strategically for the Conservative Party; I understand that many Conservatives are not pleased with O’Toole’s tack towards the centre but the focus has to be on the primary objective—getting rid of Trudeau. Hope this was a bit clearer.

        • David Barker

          No reading comprehension issues here thank you. Yes you made those two points. You also implied that the Liberal Partyot at least some of its supporters have been using social media to boost the PPC standing here in Burlington; so as to split the conservative vote. Do you stand by that statement? If you do, please provide examples to justify your statement.

          • Phillip Wooster

            Again, you have reading comprehension problems. My note about Liberals encouraging the PPC vote was directed to social media, not to Burlington specifically. Live with it David–I learned a long time ago the dirty tricks that war rooms play and the Liberals are particularly good at it.

          • david barker

            Wooster you need to be clearer in your writings. The article was about THE PPC in Burlington. You remark about social media was non-specific as to Burlington or national. In absence of specificity it was natural to assume your reference was to Burlington; as was the balance of your comment. Comprend ? BTW, you provide no proof of the Libs being behind the chatter. Now move on.

      • That’s not what we got from Phillip’s comment David. We read a responsible and very interesting perspective opinion piece responding to a piece of breaking news that is information the electorate need, not that it will change our vote as we agree Emily Brown is an excellent candidate who can bring the changes we, in Burlington need.

        As an aside Anne ran federally in Burlington for the Canadian Action Party in 97 (we think) after receiving a personal phone invitation from leader Paul Hellyer who we just learnt passed away this week. We met him on vacation and had no idea who he was until that invite came after getting to know each other on personal terms. He was a very humble man, hence our not knowing who he was in terms of his political life but thoroughly understood we shared the faith we both have. Mike Keugle ran for the Conservatives that year and Mike and Anne grew to respect the opinions and goals of each other. Does anyone know where Mike is now.?Anne was a staunch NDPer at the time, but not after determining their union backed motives were 99.9% of their policies and the bully tactics they used to keep the same unsuccessful Burlington candidate for numerous elections, she left them behind and has never looked back.