Perfect weather, great program, hardly a hitch. Maybe a bit of sun burn for a few.

August 19, 2013

By Staff

BURLINGTON, ON. They have been holding the event every year for the past 20 years.  It’s a two-day event, usually during the second half of August.  One day on the Beachway Park where the sand castle contest was the big deal – as well as some impressive face painting.

This little girl likes what she sees but the boy behind her isn’t so sure.

Beach tents were a new addition to the Festival. They were available for rental this year.

It was people, people, people – for almost as far as the eye could see along the Beachway.

Some people knew how to get in on the event and stay cool at the same time. Not sure how much reading got done..

These sand castle competitors were clearly a family effort.

Lots of plots for sand castle competitors – there didn’t seem to be as many this years as there were last. The city did make it possible for people to register on line for a space. Perhaps more promotion is needed.

Mom getting ready to pass the football.

Day two was at Spencer Smith Park where there was dozens upon dozens of things for kids to do..

A family can get out for the day and spend less than $3 per child and have a healthy, full, fun day.  The $3 gets the child an ice-cream.

The event is put on by the city’s Festivals and Events department and is actually a profit centre.  The city looks for sponsors for everything – and for the most part they get the sponsorship they need.

It’s not a news story; it is a great picture-taking occasion.  There are no speeches given.  We didn’t see one single politician – but that doesn’t mean they weren’t there.

How many people showed up?   Very hard to tell.  Certainly in the thousands – perhaps as high as 4000 on the Sunday at Spencer Smith.

If you weren’t there – the pictures tell the story.

If you were there – are you in the picture.

Sunday at Spencer Smith was just as interesting and clearly as much fun for those who got out for the day.

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