Peter Rusin creates his own political party and runs for the Burlington seat in the Legislature.

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June 5th, 2018



For a more light hearted look at who is running for office and why consider Peter Rusin, he was a candidate for mayor in 2014.

Rusin - direct into camera - hard look

Peter Rusin wants everyone to be able to enjoy the benefits of having less government imposition in their lives.

This time around Rusin is running for MPP to represent those people who are seeking an option to the current party governance structure in the province. Peter believes independent thinking and protection of rights for each individual have become suppressed by the current climate of political correctness and extreme party policy agendas. His hope is that everyone can better exercise their freedoms and be able to enjoy the benefits of having less government imposition in their lives by voting for Consensus Ontario; a form of government directed by the people and not as dictated by established party ideologues.

Peter feels that the current tax burdens, planned deficits and record levels of debt, are unjustly choking the life out of the economic health across the province, and stressing families. He wants to instill a philosophy into government and civil servant representatives that people need to be served in a humble manner, and believes that together with an empowered voter system free of traditional party affiliation, will result in a higher quality of life for all Ontarians. Peter will also bring Transparency and Accountability back to the table to ensure government is responsible and strong.

Rusin walking dog

A man and his dog.

Peter says the collapse of the provincial Liberal party in 2018 is a good thing, and that it will help to free individuals and bring back confidence to the collective spirit of a more effective democracy. The current political climate is toxic and needs a cleansing. He also wants Burlington voters to be able to set their own course addressing local issues, including making affordable housing a top priority. Peter believes the Burlington riding deserves a stronger and independent voice.

Peter is married with 3 children and is a professional commercial realtor who specializes in expropriation related matters and works on major public transportation infrastructure projects across southern Ontario and the GTHA. In his spare time Peter enjoys cruising with his dog Pepper in a two door 707 horsepower Hellcat, sending a message to all the left wing extremists that life can be more fun when freed of excessive political ideology.

Peter’s phone number is 905-599-6661 (cell)

Peter’s email is

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