Plan B begins to use part of their 15 minutes of fame. Attendance creeps up week by week. Try it.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON  July 19, 2012  When the magazines begin writing about you – you are on your way to your 15 minutes of fame.  And that’s just about where Plan B – the budding Farmer’s Market on John Street is right now.

Pure Green Magazine does a feature from time to time on the  “Organic Kitchen”.  If all goes as planned, and nothing actually goes as planned when you’re working with nature, the plan is for the writers to set up an outdoorsy and Muskoka themed booth and cooking facility. As well, they’ll set up bistro tables for sit down guests. Should be very cool.

Macdonald and Barry Imber discuss the set up for the Plan B Farmer’s Market on John Street. Opens every Friday 11-2


They will be demonstrating cooking some recipes they’ve been working on that are easy and delicious, using locally sourced ingredients. Jonathan, the chef and partner of the magazine, has a unique way of cooking outside using rustic props and outdoorsy techniques – he can smoke meats and cheeses right at your table! – it’s super interesting and fun to do yourself so this should be great for the crowd.

Pure Green is a very nice binding element for what we believe the market, as well as Centro, is all about. Healthy lifestyles for people who love being outside and connecting with the ground, their food, their environment – whether that’s in their back patio, backyard or back forty.

Damian Wills – the chef and forager calling himself  Meat to Table will be there again as will the fresh produce farmer and the folks from Featherstone Family Farm.


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