Planning for a federal election that isn't needed is well underway

SwP thumbnail graphicBy Pepper Parr

June 26th, 2021



If one follows main line media, the big guys in the bigger population centres, there is a federal election in the making with plans to cause one to take place well underway within the Liberal Party who currently serve as a minority government.

That they have been in place for just two years is an inconvenient fact –this is politics – they call it a blood sport for a reason.  Politics is about power – a majority is a thing of beauty for a government.

Justin Trudeau and his merry band have determined that they can serve us all if they can just get a chance to govern the way they want to govern.

Elections Canada, the organization that runs federal elections has issued documents that include suggestions such as campaigners keeping at least two metres from others and avoiding handshakes and the distribution of pamphlets and buttons.  When that level of detail is issued – you know that the election planning is well underway.

It is the view of the Gazette that Justin has turned out to be less than the politician his father was and that his time as a Prime Minister should come to an end.

We hope that Burlington’s MP, Karina Gould, speaks out against an election at this time in caucus meetings.  That is the one place where she can speak her mind.

In public, she is a member of Cabinet and required to support the team.

Should an election take place in the fall and should the Liberals get returned as a minority Justin Trudeau should do the right thing, fall on his sword and find something else to do.

We should wish for at least that.

We should be demanding that this government remain, do the best they can until the pandemic comes to an end and then go to the people asking to be returned based on how well they got the country through the pandemic, how well they have done with the economy and what they have chosen to do with the critical issue we all face with the Aboriginal community.

We have stiffed these people for far too long.  They need and deserve the water in their homes that we all have in ours.  And they deserve homes that have taps and toilets that use the water.

Some think that as a demographic the Aboriginal community is not as productive as it needs to be.  If that is the case, and it is far from proven, it is because we created the conditions that made them that way.

Every Remembrance Day we celebrate, honour and remember those we lost in wars to defend the democracy we have, yet we seem to be having difficulty doing what has to be done to celebrate, honour and remember those who were laid in graves at such an early age.

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4 comments to Planning for a federal election that isn’t needed is well underway

  • Penny Hersh


    Justin Trudeau would never walk away from being Prime Minister. It’s the best job he ever had, and he only got elected thanks to his last name. He certainly didn’t have the necessary qualifications for the job, and this has been proven many times since he was elected.

    This is definitely not the time to call an election, but obviously he is feeling now is the time to try for a majority government. Just what we need a government like this with unfettered control.

    Have to wonder if Pierre would approve of Justin’s governing style?

  • perryb

    For reasons that escape explanation, Justin Trudeau has personally accumulated an amazing amount of unwelcome baggage. Despite a generally satisfactory performance in dealing with the pandemic, each week seems to feature another dumb own goal which is hard to attribute to anything but carelessness or indecision. The accumulating pile of individually minor gaffes (plus some major ones!) is starting to smell. It would be nice if he were to step aside in favour of a new leader – and several well qualified names come to mind. But in all probability he will stay the course and thus deliver us into the hands of a worse choice (channeling Kathleen Wynne, another politician who failed to read the tea leaves and step aside before it was too late.)

  • Diane Knox

    If your article is about an Election, I agree. Mid-Pandemic is not a time to change a Minority for a Hope for a Majority particularly when the main opposition has no solutions, platforms other than to critique.
    Let it ride for the duration. At least now collaboration, accountability, is required for decisions and let the Recovery be the decision factor. Elections are costly and money can be better used.

    The Aboriginal issue is not ‘New’ Canada in 2021 ( every-PC/LIB Gov for 40 years has faced this History, it’s repercussions for generations and indeed we need to acknowledge the Sins of the past),

    But stop the talk, the apologies, and take concrete steps to create a better future, a better understanding and Teaching of the Real History of Canada with ‘The Good the Bad and the Ugly’. That’s the Party I’ll support