Planning to play online roulette? – Do you want to play the American or European version

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May 4th, 2018



It is one of the most universally recognized casino games, both at land-based casinos as well as online casino establishments: roulette attracts a great multitude of gamers each day from every part of the world.

Roulette is one of the popular gambling terms that have made it to our day-to-day vocabulary!

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In American roulette the wheel is at the head of the roulette table.

While everyone knows that roulette is about spinning the wheel, and betting on various options, there are some distinct differences between the popular versions of roulette.

Although American and European roulette are quite similar to each other, you must know the subtle differences between the two if you wish to play them on a regular basis.

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How these two versions differ?
Roulette evolved gradually and simultaneously over a period of time in America and Europe. However, certain differences started emerging between the two from the early stages. These differences included their unusual table layouts, the way in which wheel was positioned, including different colour-coded chips.

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However, it’s the American roulette with its wheel at the head of the roulette table, and simpler betting options, which has been widely adopted throughout the world. If there is one big difference between these two roulette styles, it’s to do with the number of zeros in them.

The single zero roulette emerged sometime in 1843 when Bad Homburg Casino went in with the game thinking that a roulette game with a lower casino edge would increase their casino’s popularity. Once they moved to Monte Carlo Casino, their prediction became a reality and the version was soon exported to the different parts of the world.

It was Las Vegas and Monte Carlo that determined the gambling trend during the 20th century. While the Monte Carlo’s single 0 roulette game came to be recognized as the European roulette, the 00 version of the US became the American roulette.

These zeros in roulette are often called the bankers slots as they’re the numbers that give casino an edge over the player.

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Roulette is one of the popular gambling terms that is part of our day-to-day vocabulary!

About American roulette
American roulette employs both 0 and 00, having a house edge of 5.26%, significantly higher than European roulette (with a single zero).

Regardless of the lower odds, purists often go with the American version, staying loyal to roulette in its original form. American roulette has been widely adopted in land-based and online casinos throughout Europe, US and UK.

About European roulette
As mentioned earlier, European roulette only has one 0 in it, making a total of 37 outcomes possible. As a result, the house edge reduces to 2.7% in European roulette, significantly lower than the American version.

Not just that, European roulette also has a betting option known as ‘En Prison’ wherein players are allowed to take back half of their bet amount, on the even/odd bets, whenever the ball lands on the 0.  The house edge goes down even further in case of such 50/50 gambles.

On the whole, European roulette appears as slightly more even and beneficial game, making it more popular among the beginning roulette players.

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