Pole in the main walkway at Village Square precarious - could topple very easily.

By Staff

July 20th, 2021


There is a pole in the Village Square that is very dangerous – its condition is such that it wouldn’t take much of a push to bring it crashing down.

Right in the middle of the main passageway – where anyone pushing a cart could bump into the pole. Looks as if someone has done just that at some point.

Close up of just where the flaw is.

No one seems to know who is responsible for the pole. The ward councillor has been alerted
Given that city council is on a six week summer break it will be interesting to see what gets done and how quickly the serious safety concern gets tended to.
We will keep you posted on this one.
To get a sense as to just how dangerous this is check out the short short video – couple of seconds.

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