Police implement the security and public safety protocol for situations where a heightened awareness is needed.

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January 30th, 2017



The tragedy may have been a province away but the murder of six Muslims in their temple Saturday had Hamilton Regional Police cruisers paying more attention to the mosques in the city and calls to the religious community to assure them that the police had implemented the protocol they have for situations like this.

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Increased police patrols around the mosques in the city; a heightened awareness throughout the city.

In response to yesterday’s hate-motivated violence in Quebec City, the Halton Regional Police Service assured the public that it stands united with those impacted by the tragedy and is committed to ensuring the safety of all community members.

To achieve this, the Service has a number of protocols in place to respond to a range of events that impact the security and well-being of those who live, work and visit Halton.

When the Quebec attack occurred, the response of the Halton Regional Police Service was immediate and far-reaching. Measures implemented at that time and which are ongoing include enhanced patrols of places of worship and personal outreach to members of the Region’s numerous faith communities.


Chief Tanner invoked the protocol that was created for situations like this – increased patrols and a higher level of communication.

Chief Tanner explained: “We continuously monitor serious events around the world such as the Quebec attack/shooting. We also review situations of elevated risk when notified of any change to Provincial or National threat assessments. At this time there is no reason to believe there is an elevated public safety risk in Halton.

That said, we will continue to monitor events locally and abroad and should a risk be identified, our response will be coordinated, scalable and meet the needs of those we serve.”

The community is showing its support through a vigil at city hall this evening beginning at 6:00 pm at Civic Square.Vigil for those killed in quebec

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