Police offering some pretty detailed data on drugs used in the Region - described as an information source for parents.

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May 11th, 2016


The Halton Regional Police Service has created a web dedicated to information on drugs appearing on the streets of the Region.

AddictionaryHalton.com is a new online resource, provided by the Halton Police Drug, Gun & Gang Unit, aimed at helping to educate parents, guardians and Halton’s youth about the dangers of drug, substance abuse and criminal activity connected to illicit drugs.

In this resource you will find a listing of street drugs that have been found in Halton, current drug trends, community resources to help with addiction and video stories about drugs and the recovery process.

Visit AddictionaryHalton.com’s blog to learn about recent drug seizures made by Drug, Gun & Gang Unit. The blog will also post warnings to the public regarding dangerous drugs circulating in the community along with merging drug trends.

Anyone wanting more information about street drugs, addiction and recovery options, please visit: www.addictionaryhalton.com or follow us on Twitter at: @HRPSRID.

If you live in and around the Halton Region then this site is for you.

Drug stats - police

When marijuana is made legal – what will that do to the police statistics?

Marihuana continues to be the main controlled substance seized by the Halton Regional Police.  Cocaine is once again the second most common drug seized in Halton.  There has been an increased in prescription drugs, including opioids and benzodiazapines.  Crystal methamphetamine seizures are a concern as the Halton Police Drug Unit continues to see an increase throughout the region.

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