Police service in Burlington - what you get for the $100.81 per $100,00 of assessment on your tax bill

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May 6th, 2021


Part 1 of a two part article.

Halton Regional Police Chief Stephen Tanner took part, virtually, in a delegation that told the public much more than they have heard from a police chief in some time.

10 burlington structure

The short version of what the Regional Police do in Burlington.

Inspector Bob Gourlay who runs the Burlington detachment of the Regional Police took council through a slide deck with all kinds of data which the Chief commented on at length later in the delegation.

This will be a two part article – the slide deck now and then what the Chief had to say.


Burlington was where Chief Tanner started his career as a police officer.  He went on to serve in Belleville, Kingston and returning to Burlington as Halton Region Chief of Police in 2012.

1 Burl compliment

Many of the police resources are at headquarters which are in Oakville. Burlington has a full compliment including DUST, DRT, Criminal Investigation, high school and public school liaison officers.

2 B&E

Break and Enter into homes is down – people are working from home keeps the thieves away.



4 Inter persona intimate calls

The data points to the difficulty some people are having in dealing with the pandemic. Cooped up in a house where the relationships between the occupants are not that good is a recipe for a lot of personal pain.

5 drugs

The calls police get on drug matters tends to be related to the legal retailers and the product they are selling.

6 ride

With traffic on the roads (QEW excepted) roadside tests are lower.

7 motor vehicle

Fewer cars on the road – fewer collisions.

8 traffic complaints

Data is consistent over the two year period.

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