Policing is a profitable business - the money side gets determined in a court house

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February 08, 2017



Policing is profitable. I know – I’ve paid more than my share of tickets.

The Court for provincial offences –as opposed to criminal code offences or financial claims is located in Burlington.

It is and is known as the Halton Court Services and it makes a bundle of money that is split between the four municipalities in the Region – Burlington, Oakville, Milton and Halton Hills.

Court house - site plan

Site plan for the new court house to be built in the Alton Village.

The offences taken to this court are from Halton Regional Police Service, OPP, Ministry of Transportation, Conservation Halton – any offence that is set out in provincial legislation.

It is a busy place – so busy that a new court house is being built in the Alton Village – shovels were expected to be in the ground by now.

Court house - shie BEST

Plans for the new court house were on display for those interested in the design – build – lease back the city wanted. Emshih Developments people check out the plans.

The new court house will be a Design-Build and Leaseback agreement with a 30 year lease to be negotiated.

A total of 55,437 charges (75.9% of target) were filed with HCS by end of third quarter and it is expected that charges will reach 95.9% of target (70,000) by year-end. This is due to a slight decline in number of charges filed by local police (HRPS, OPP and MTO) and no filing of red light camera charges during the impending mail strike.

The place is busy enough to require an additional permanent part-time Prosecutor.

On the income side this is a nice piece of business:

The following are the financial results for HCS at end of third quarter:

• Gross revenues of $6,909,402 (81.0% of budget)
• Overall expenditures of $3,283,653 (72.9% of budget)
• Year-to-date net revenue of $3,625,749 (90.0% of budget)

Burlington Court House

The court house on Plains Road will close when the new building is constructed in the Alton Village.

Given the continuing growth in population, a moderate increase of 1,000 charges (71,000) is projected for 2017. Gross revenue for HCS in 2017 is budgeted at $8.82 million as compared to $8.53 million during 2016.

Included in the report was mention of “red light” cameras – they produce offence notices that pull in an excess of $300 for those who chose to run that red light at two in the morning.

All this goes to city council on February 13, 2017


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