Politicians handing out dollars and making announcements - election announcement expected Sunday

By Staff

August 15th, 2021



On Thursday of last week Milton MP Adam Joseph van Koeverden arrived at the vaccination centre in that community to tell the public Canada now had more than enough in the way of inoculation doses to ensure everyone would be able to get vaccinated twice.

Burlington |Mayor Marianne Meed Ward tells Burlington MP Karina Gould she is grateful for the Grindstone Creek funding.

On Friday MP and Cabinet Minister Karina Gould issued a statement at the Rock Garden in Hamilton announcing that the federal government had come up with $579, 000 from the Great Lakes Action Plan V – Great Lakes Sustainability Fund for the RBG’s Wetland Rehabilitation Program and the City of Burlington’s Grindstone Creek Erosion Control Planning.

RBG will be receiving $425,000 for their program, while the City will be receiving $154,000.

Oakville Burlington North MP Pam Damoff

We had no report on what Oakville Burlington North MP Pam Damoff was up to; many of her supporters were waiting for a decision from the federal government on who was going to appear on the next version of the $5 bill. The hope was that it would be of Terry Fox as he ran his historic run through Burlington 41 years ago.

All the political activity underlined the widely held expectation that there would be a federal election in the fall.

The announcement is expected today.

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1 comment to Politicians handing out dollars and making announcements – election announcement expected Sunday

  • Phillip Wooster

    What I find disturbing in the vaccine rollout is how the federal agencies have “dragged their feet” on protecting vulnerable subsets of the population. First these federal agencies, no doubt pressured by the Liberal government in the initial phases of the vaccine rollout, decided to delay the second shot of vaccines for 12 weeks; these health agencies would have been aware from other vaccine protocols prior to covid, that a single vaccine dose for immuno-compromised individuals gave them a poor immune response and that a timely second-shot within 3 weeks was necessary to consolidate a stronger immune response. And yet they opted to put this group at risk–are they expendable?

    And it gets worse. Data collected by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in the USA indicates that some 40% of chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients had no antibodies to the virus after 8 weeks despite being fully vaccinated; while I didn’t research the impact on other types of leukemia and lymphoma, I would expect similar if not worse data given leukemia’s impact on the immune system. In the United States, the CDC has now approved a booster shot for these people with the highly transmissable delta variant on the rise. But here in Canada, Health Canada and NACI are again dragging their feet and endangering immuno-compromised people for the second time this year as delta is now driving a fourth wave.