Porcelain work of Canadian artist to be shown at the BAC. The theme is umbrellas.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON  July 18, 2012  With the weather we have been having – talk of umbrellas will at least raise an eyebrow.  There is an opportunity to raise those eyebrows at the Burlington Art Centre July 22, 2-3 pm when an exhibit of porcelain umbrellas by Ann Mortimer will be on display.  The event is free.

Ann Mortimer, who traditionally works on canvas with an admired ability to bring out the translucence of her object, has done a collection of 19 porcelain umbrellas that will be part of the In Series events at the Art Gallery. The work was produced in China under the direction of the artist.

Ann Mortimer works in watercolour and is interested in the translucency of that medium. In her painting she aims to achieve an illusion of depth through the portrayal of light.  You get to arrive at a different understanding of transparency when you view the umbrellas.  Worth the time to take this one in.

Mortimer is a member of the Society of Floral Painters, and while she has specialized in flowers, combining a looseness of approach with a respect for botanical accuracy, she has ventured beyond canvas and into other mediums.

Curator Jonathan Smith will lead a tour of the exhibition, which includes the umbrellas and her perspective plates, bird-fish form and sculptural cups series.

The event is part of the In Series Exhibition at the Art Gallery – in the Lee-Chin Family Gallery.

Mortimer is a graduate trained teacher, and also paints a variety of other subjects in watercolour from landscapes to town scenes to figures. She enjoys sharing her techniques and skills with members of art societies at workshops and at the art classes where she regularly teaches.


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