Post reduces publishing schedule by one third - it will be a Thursday/Friday paper in the future.

Newsflash 100By Pepper Parr

August 27, 2014



Got a note from Joshua Miller, that’s the kid that delivers the Post to my dear three times a week.

The note Josh left me with the paper said: We wanted to let you know about a change in the Post distribution as of September 3rd.  The Burlington Post will no longer have a Wednesday delivery, but will continue with a Thursday and Friday delivery.

Josh has had his time cut back by a third – the Post apparently is going to reduce their publishing schedule to just two days a week.
These decisions are always financial – the revenue just isn’t there to support three issues a week.

Odd – because when you go to lift that Thursday edition out of the mail box and catch the flyers before they fall out of your hands you might arrive at the conclusion that the Post is a very healthy business.

Burlington needs all the local media it can get and while the Post was limited in the coverage it gave many of the events and city Advisory Committees – it will now do even less.
The Burlington Gazette will continue to do the job it has been doing for more than three years. We publish seven days a week and everything we publish is on-line in the archive.


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2 comments to Post reduces publishing schedule by one third – it will be a Thursday/Friday paper in the future.

  • Our neighbourhood is a mix of single homes, town houses and condos. A number of months ago we stopped receiving the Wed edition. I called the Post to let them know we had not been getting the Wed edition, and received a call back the next day. The caller advised me that head office had decided they were no longer going to deliver Wed editions to town houses. So, not surprising that a few months later they are eliminating Wednesdays altogether.

    It seems as though it was just a few years ago that the Post changed their publishing days to Wed, Thu, Fri – previously it was Sun, Wed Fri? Their reasoning at the time was the changing needs of their advertisers; flyers are typically circulated Thurs and Fri. I imagine that’s the reasoning behind their most recent change; on a per-issue basis, there isn’t enough revenue from advertising and flyers to support the cost of a Wednesday print issue.

    Editor’s note. We were not able to confirm the real name of the sender – the email address used was bogus – however we have reason to believe the sender has an understanding of Post practices and policies to make the comment worth publishing.

  • Joan

    Thank you Pepper for the publishing the Gazette. As an apt dweller we only get the Post for Thur when we’re lucky in inclement weather we are lucky to see it late on Fri. This is because unless one has a subscription which is a cost not budgeted for for many seniors and the trials of carrying it up and down, the stores pay for it to be delivered so we see the sales. Therefore, this will make little difference to folk like us. However, I am much more informed with the Gazette which is as you say 7 days a week. As well, there is interaction. Let us strive to keep the interaction positive and solutions oriented other wise it is quite trying to go through.