Premier missing in action - not a peep during the holiday - expected to make announcement soon

By Pepper Parr

January 2nd, 2021



Have you noticed what is different this time?

When the Delta variant was hospitalizing hundreds and scores were dying daily the Prime Minister was before the public almost daily.

When the Delta variant of Covid19 was running rampant the Prime Minister stood at a lectern outside the front door of his house, almost every day of the week, reporting on what was happening.

He left the country with the sense that someone had their finger on the pulse of what we were dealing with.

During the Omicron wave the Premier was hard to find.

The Omicron variant, while not as devastating in terms of the reaction most people experience, this variant moves from person to person faster than anything seen or experienced before.

Cabinet met on the weekend and we are to expect an announcement – when?  No one is able to say.

Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Kieran Moore

The sense over the holiday weekend is that people were on their own.  Stay home, hunker down and wear the mask. The Provincial Medical Officer of Health did say this wave could be with us for six to eight weeks and that there was more information coming.

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1 comment to Premier missing in action – not a peep during the holiday – expected to make announcement soon

  • Penny Hersh

    It will be interesting to hear what will be said at this news conference.

    The Premier must have thought that the Omicron variant was taking a holiday break. I would guess that the thought process was not to rock the boat at Holiday Time. However, there is no break for any illness or virus. It would be interesting to know the true Omicron case count of new infections.

    Quebec’s Premier and his team decided in the best interest of public health and the health system to add restrictions at a time when many people gather. Unfortunately, there are those in Quebec who feel they have to defy these decisions. Will these restrictions result in slowing down the spread? I don’t know? However, it does seem logical that the fewer people you come in contact with the fewer people can be infected.

    Personally, I am disappointed in the attitude of people who feel that they should be able to do what they want. How many times I have heard ” this is like a cold, much milder in severity”. This may be the case for some but not for all.

    The sheer number of people contracting this variant creates havoc in the health system which was fragile to begin with.

    I guess the ” we are all in this together” is meaningless,