Prime Minister in town with a promise to build an Advanced Manufacturing hub - if he is re-elected

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September 1, 2015


You know the federal election is in full swing when the Prime Minister comes to town and announces his government will build a new Advanced Manufacturing Hub in Burlington if he wins the Oct. 19 election.

Harper in Burlington sept 1 - 2015

Prime Minister fills the floor of a steel plant in Burlington – promises to create an advanced manufacturing hub in the city – if he wins the election. No details on who the private sector partners are or which part of the city this might be located in.

Speaking at a campaign event at Harvester Steel in Burlington, Harper said the centre will focus on “cutting edge products and technologies.”
Everyone should know by this time that governments do not create jobs – unless they hire more civil servants.

The private sector creates jobs and there wasn’t much heard from the private sector about how much of their money was going to be pumped into this idea – and that is all it is at this point – an idea – a good one if it is executed properly.

The announcement will have come as a bit of a surprise to the Chamber of Commerce and the city’s Economic development Corporation who were expected to attend and clap at the appropriate time.

Harper’s event, which focused on beefing up the manufacturing sector, came on the same day that economists announced Canada is officially in a recession.

Does the Prime Minister’s visit to Burlington suggest that Mike Wallace’s seat is in trouble?

If we see him again before October 19th – then Burlington is up for grabs.

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2 comments to Prime Minister in town with a promise to build an Advanced Manufacturing hub – if he is re-elected

  • Peter Rusin

    Where was the mayor, flipping ribs at the ribfest with Wynne? It is nice to see that the prime minister was in town talking serious business. Just look at how attentive the crowd is in the picture.

  • Zaffi

    Where is Mr. Harper planning on finding the $30M annually for 5 years as he has projected? This grand project seems to be yet another P3 partnership however the Province has not been consulted. I wonder if our City Council knows anything about the funding scheme?
    Who will Mr. Harper blame if the other levels of government and/or private funding will not sign on for this project?

    It appears the idea is based on a German program that has been in existence for a very long time. Something that Canada should have started decades ago.