Project approved in 1985 sees a construction crew on site to bury hydro wires.

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October 26, 2015

It begins.

Not quite the shovels in the ground with the photo op and the silver spade – this is just getting hydro wires in the ground. The rest will begin in the New Year

Bridgewater from lake on the east

It was a dream back in 1985 when the city approved a legacy building on the edge of the lake. The burying of hydro lines marks the beginning of real construction. Occupancy is scheduled for 2018.

The Bridgewater development that will consist of a 22 storey condominium, an eight story hotel and a second seven story condominium commences.

The first phase of construction will include the burial of hydro lines. This work is expected to take approximately 10 weeks. During the construction, there will be some minor lane disruptions and a one-day closure of the intersection at Lakeshore Road and Old Lakeshore Road (The Gazette will keep you posted on details.) All businesses in the immediate area will remain open for business as usual.

As part of the construction, the section of Elizabeth Street, south of Lakeshore Road, will be closed until November 2018. Access to the Waterfront Hotel is available through the north driveway.

For more information, please contact Carol Gulak, Capital Works, City of Burlington at 905-335-7600, ext. 7772 or

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2 comments to Project approved in 1985 sees a construction crew on site to bury hydro wires.

  • Zaffi

    I am wondering if this construction closure of lower Elizabeth will mean pedestrians will not have access to the pier and Spencers from the east end behind the hotel?

  • Walter Muklkewich

    First approved in 1995, not 1985, other approvals since.

    Editor’s note:
    Our apologies for the delay in posting this comment. Former Mayor Walter Mulkewich is correct – it was first approved by Council in 1995 when Mulkewich was Mayor – it was first proposed by the company that owned the property in 1985