Proof of vaccination requirement ends March 1.

By Staff

February 25th, 2020



The City of Burlington will follow the direction from the Provincial government and will no longer require visitors to City recreational facilities to show proof of vaccination as of March 1.

Masks, physical distancing and active screening are still required until further notice.

More information will be shared if there are additional impacts to recreation facilities or programs once the full regulations are released by the province.

Chris Glenn, Director of Recreation, Community and Culture said: “Regardless of any changes, our staff will always work to providing the safest and highest quality programming we can offer. Please be patient with staff as we work through implementing any change and as we take cautious steps on the journey to fully reopening our facilities and programs.”

I wouldn’t throw out the card yet or delete it from my cell phone.  Wait until the pandemic gets renamed to an endemic.

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2 comments to Proof of vaccination requirement ends March 1.

  • perryb

    I assume that every Gazette article will now include a reply from the Marsdens to dredge up some historical grievance, or make a campaign speech?

  • Thank you for the first hint of city democratic decision making we have seen in a long time. Chris Glenn and the Marsdens go back a long time. Chris knows of our passion for accessible recreation services which the pier is a huge example of what we do not have. There would be no more spending money building barriers with Marsden in the Mayor Chair. A quick pier fix will be one of our first projects if Anne goes from second to first place in the hearts of Burlington families at the polls in October. It is important how we appear to our visitors with disabilities, if we want to take their vacation money. Chris knows of our passion to bring an indoor BMX facility to attract US and Canadian visitors into the downtown for national BMX events, that will do great things for the downtown. It would have been here years ago if there had not been some shenanigans with regard to Tansley Woods and someone who tried to make himself rich off a great community idea, well before Chris was in the position he is in now. Way to go for a really thoughtful move to bring everyone back together as one community rather than those who have and those who have not.