Province wants to be able to educate those who do not have their children immunized.

element_healthservicesBy Pepper ParrRed long

May 12, 2016


Governments are there to provide the services we need – one of which is to keep us healthy.

One of the ways we keep healthy is to immunize ourselves against diseases.

Some of the diseases we used to protect ourselves against have been eradicated because of the immunization programs.  However, there are people who, usually through misinformation choose not to have their children vaccinated

The province is about to make it harder for people to not have themselves and their children vaccinated. If passed, and the government has a majority, it will become more difficult for parents to obtain exemptions for the now mandatory school vaccines and improve how these vaccines are reported.

The amendments to the Immunization of School Pupils Act would require parents and guardians who are considering not immunizing their children for non-medical reasons to participate in an education session delivered by their local public health unit. Parents or guardians would have to complete this session before obtaining a vaccine exemption.

immunizationThe Immunization of School Pupils Act would also be amended to require health care providers to report any vaccines they administer to children and youth—and that are needed to attend school in Ontario—to their local public health unit directly.
Currently, parents are responsible for reporting their children’s immunization records, or “yellow card,” to their own local public health unit. This change, if passed, would make it easier for parents and reduce unnecessary suspensions due to out-of-date immunization records.

Strengthening the exemption and reporting requirements for school vaccines is part of Immunization 2020—Ontario’s five year strategy to improve its publicly-funded immunization program.

Perhaps strengthening the curriculum in high schools so that students understand the fundamentals of immunization and do not grow to become adults and not fully realize how we take care of ourselves from serious diseases.

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1 comment to Province wants to be able to educate those who do not have their children immunized.

  • Lonely Taxpayer

    It is unimaginable any parent today would allow their children to be left unprotected against these diseases.

    Google: > diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, polio and see the damage done.
    These diseases are real and people in the world still suffer from them.

    And modern travel can bring an infected person from a far flung part of Earth to right here to Ontario. Don’t leave your child vulnerable.