Liberals move into final phase of selecting a new leader

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December 2nd, 2019



The re-building of a political party is, an at times, slow process.

Wynne H&S tight

Kathleen Wynne led the Liberals into a devastating loss – didn’t win enough seats to be recognized as a political party.

Power, or what is left of what a political party had before it went down to defeat is up for grabs.

That is the process the Ontario Liberals are going through this month.

They are about to elect who their new leader is going to be.

Today – at 6 pm, is the deadline for Liberals to renew their memberships and be eligible to vote for the next leader and to take part in some of the policy decision deliberations.

The Liberals have seven seats in the 124 seat legislature.

The Progressive Conservatives form the government which is not all that popular. The Liberals have at least two years to re-grow and create policies that will be needed to win.

The leadership candidates are:

  • Michael Coteau
  • Steven Del Duca
  • Kate Graham
  • Brenda Hollingsworth
  • Mitzie Hunter
  • Alvin Tedjo

Brenda Hollingsworth recently submitted a complete nomination package and we are now commencing the Party’s official green-lighting process with her. The other candidates have been previously greenlit and are fully registered.

The Ontario Liberals will select their leader on March 7th.

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1 comment to Provincial Liberals move into final membership renewal phase of selecting a new leader

  • Stephen White

    If ever there was a leadership context that cried out for a federal MP to jump to provincial politics and assume the mantle of party leadership this surely is it. With the exception of Coteau who is a good speaker, amiable, polished and smart the rest of this field lack both experience and credentials. How prospective candidates can even consider running for the leadership of an established political party when they have never held elected office is a mystery.

    The Grits can thank Kathleen Wynne for leaving their Party in such an unholy mess. No money, no new policies, very few members (N.B. The National Post last Friday suggested the Party has only 10,000 members, a far cry from the 44,000 they were hoping for), few credible leadership candidates, and little likelihood of a turnaround in electoral fortunes anytime soon.