Public school board trustees gearing up to choose the next Director of Education

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

February 16th, 2021



Sometime between now and the end of August the Halton District School Board trustees are expected to decide on who the next Director of Education will be.

Stuart Miller H&S

Stuart Miller, current Director of Education, to retire in August.

Stuart Miller has served as the Director for the past five years. He submitted his resignation to the Board late last year.

Every member of the Board of Trustees will serve on the Selection Committee where the objective is to reach a consensus.

There are at least two of the current roster of Superintendents, (both female) that are certainly qualified.

Miller in a huddle with Grebenc

Grebenc, (left) and Miller have worked well together

Consultants are being brought in to guide and direct the trustees through the process.

Board Chair Andrea Grebenc will Chair the Selection Committee, the vice chair of the Board Tracey, Ehl Harrison, will serve as vice chair.

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