Pulling Together: Burlington Businesses Reach Out to Support Each Other

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June 24th, 2020



In these unprecedented times, it is always good to see local businesses supporting each other. Burlington’s various businesses and professional services are no different. In recent weeks, there have been multiple cases where local firms and specialists have been working to make life easier for residents.

In times that are unparalleled in recent history, it makes sense for businesses to reach out to one another. Competition reigns, but with uncertainty riding high, the time has come for Burlington to pull together. All manner of industries are facing tighter times – and those looking for entertainment in the local area are drifting towards Canadian online casinos for safe fun.

Conditions will not last forever, but Burlington is ready to offer comfort and care for as long as it takes.

Court room with lawyer

The law is complex and procedural and you need guidance at least should you need legal help.

Pro Bono Legal Support
A key way in which local businesses in Burlington are supporting residents is through legal care. At this time, many individuals and business owners will be looking for reliable legal support. Unfortunately for consumers, businesses need to make money, too.

However, recent news shows that the National Canadian Lawyers Initiative has stepped in to offer pro bono support. Specifically, people across Ontario will now be able to reach out to NCLI offices for free legal advice.

Residents in Burlington may never know when they need to help of a lawyer or attorney. However, for simple legal affairs, reaching out for advice is now more accessible than ever. It is just one example of how Burlington is making life easier for residents.

Celebrating Local Workers
Of course, businesses and local firms are celebrating hard-working people, too, in these hard times. For example, Sofina Foods, based in Burlington, recently received a special lunch in their honor. Workers at Sofina’s slaughterhouse are continuing to push themselves and to drive for quality produce during uncertain times.

Workers at Sofina’s facility in Burlington received free lunches on behalf of Foodies Anonymous and Ontario Pork. Due to restrictions, workers were only able to enjoy their lunches individually – but the gesture has not gone unnoticed.

Domenique W Food Bank

Volunteers putting together food hampers for those who are not employed due to Covid19

Key workers in Burlington are continuing to help provide essential services and sustenance to people across the town, and indeed across the region. While at the moment it may be difficult to celebrate our key workers as much as we may like, there are still ways we can show appreciation.

Pressing On Together
Burlington is a community that pulls together in hard times. It’s clear that, while current conditions may not last forever, people are relying on each other more than ever before.

With news media filling up with negative stories, it’s always worth looking to local sources for positive inspiration. The hard work of Sofina’s team and the NCLI’s pro bono support are just two examples. As time rolls on, it’s likely more Burlington businesses will pull together.

It’s always worth taking a moment to appreciate key workers in your area. Think about how difficult your life may be without them!

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