Quarter finals begin: Bandits first play Barrie Baycats August 6th.

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August 1st, 2016


The top team in the InterCounty Baseball League is not yet know – the winner of the game between the Kitchener Panthers and the

London Majors this evening in London will determine the finals standings and then who plays who in the quarter finals.

The Burlington Bandits will play a best out of seven series against the Barrie Baycats. The play dates are set out below:

The season needed a lot of improvement - but the community spirit is certainly evident.

Game 1: Thu, August 4 at Barrie; 7:30 PM
Game 2: Sat, August 6 at Burlington; 1:05 PM
Game 3: Sun, August 7 at Barrie; 7:00 PM
Game 4: Tue, August 9 at Burlington; 7:30 PM
Game 5: Thu, August 11 at Barrie; 7:30 PM
Game 6: Fri, August 12 at Burlington; 7:30 PM
Game 7: Sat, August 13 at Barrie; 7:30 PM

Burlington might be able to hold their own against the Barrie Baycats – it shouldn’t be a romp for either team.

While the Bandits were a little on the lacklustre side during the regular season they tend to pick up quite a bit when they get into the finals.

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