Rainbow Crosswalks in Hamilton get a better go of it than those in Burlington - more TLC in Hamilton water?

By Pepper Parr

April 24th, 2022



Why does the Rainbow Crosswalk in Hamilton, on a street that has more than 300 transit buses driving over it every day and thousands of cars as well look as good as they day it was painted?

Damaged Rainbow Crosswalk in Burlington.

While in Burlington two Rainbow Cross walks are peeling and are a bit of an eyesore.

Hamilton Crosswalk next to city hall is in splendid condition despite heavy traffic.

What a bit galling is the big expensive fuss the Mayor made of the installation of the Rainbows – which are attractive and make a much needed statement?

It’s like a gift that is broken – and no effort is made to make a public statement about what is being done to fix the damaged Crosswalks and when results can be expected.

It’s a bit of an affront to the people who really supported the decision to have Rainbow Crosswalks in the city.

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6 comments to Rainbow Crosswalks in Hamilton get a better go of it than those in Burlington – more TLC in Hamilton water?

  • Elan

    Money for extra crosswalks should have been spent on Community support initiatives for LBTGQ, not the planned seven monuments for MMW to take a photo-op. But let’s not forget, if you disagree with the Mayor, she will paint you on Twitter as a bigot, as she did Sharman, Stolte and Kearns, for suggesting different types of $$ support and outreach might be more sustainable.

  • Stephen White

    If someone chooses to fly a rainbow flag at their house, or put an LGBTQ sign on their lawn, that is their prerogative. However, as a taxpayer, I resent having to foot the bill to promote every Woke, left-wing cause or issue that arises. Tax revenue should be used to provide and support essential services and infrastructure, or critical services to residents. Spending monies to promote pet causes or the current “flavour of the month” is both wasteful and irresponsible.

    Rainbow crosswalks are not only unnecessary but frankly, silly. The reason the crosswalk is painted white is because it needs to be seen at night and during inclement weather so that pedestrians can cross safely. The contrast in colouring is what is important. Common sense would tell you that, but I’m guessing common sense isn’t a high priority anymore at City Hall.

  • Bob

    Would painting the Drury Lane crosswalk in damp cold December have any bearing?
    You never see highway lines being painted when temps could be pushing the freezing point

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    These were a waste of money why not just buy more rainbow Flags
    And place them all over the city paint chips and peels as you can see
    I’m all for supporting this special community but not by wasting money

  • Denise W.

    I had reason to drive into Oakville recently, along Lakeshore (vibrant downtown). I noticed they have a rainbow crosswalk that also fared well over winter. What happened? Poor surface preparation, no priming? Different asphalt composition that is more oily? This looks to be a very high solids paint but maybe needs some proper surface prep if it is of a low VOC composition. Poor adhesion and water got underneath, various freeze/thaw cycles and snow plow blades? Something is very different with ours.