RBG staffer crawls across newly frozen pond to rescue a young deer.

News 100 yellowBy Pepper Parr

November 14th, 2019



Deer 2 lake to the left

Hendrie Trail – with pond to the left

Earlier in the week a Gazette reader was hiking along the Hendrie Trail, part of the sprawling Royal Botanical Gardens operation.

At around 9:00 am, staff were working diligently in the frigid weather on the reinforcement of the eroding bank across from the popular boardwalk at the Hendrie trail where many regular trail users are fortunate enough to closely see and photograph an array of birds such as red headed woodpeckers Blue Jays Cardinals and chickadees. It is a hidden gem for many.

deer 1

A startled but now on dry land deer pauses before scooting off into the bush. The rescuer, who is not known at this point, watched carefully.

Staff heard the cry of help from the deer that was caught on the frozen pond nearby and jumped on their ATV to come to its rescue.

With bravery one member belly slid across the season’s first ice and helped the deer across to the bank.

Helen Skinner witnessed this act of kindness on National Kindness Day.

Deer 2 bigger

The pond the deer was pulled from is in the background.

It was a moment that none of us will forget as the deer, once on steady ground…paused in our presence before gracefully disappearing into its natural habitat.

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