Red Cross does what hundreds of organizations do every April - thanks their volunteers - we wouldn't be who we are without them.

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April 20, 2014


Dozens of groups spent last week thanking their volunteers – the city would not be the place it is without those volunteers.

Flood Red Cross class - volunteers

Red Cross volunteers being taken through the routines they were to follow during their door-to-door work during the flood last August.

Sometimes the large organizations that have been around for more than a century get forgotten – the Canadian Red Cross is one of them
During the flooding last August it was the Red Cross that did much of the door to door work and learning where the flood damage was worst and passing that information along to the people that were doing the fixing up.

Throughout the year, volunteers from across the country, generously donate their time to improving the lives of the most vulnerable individuals and communities. “Not only this week, but each and every day, the Canadian Red Cross is sincerely thankful for the vast network of volunteers who are an integral part of this Society,” says Azima Vadsaria, Disaster Management Advisor for Halton, Hamilton and Niagara. “They are the reason we are able to make such a significant impact on those in need.”

The Red Cross has more than 20,000 volunteers nationally playing a critical role in contributing to all programs and services offered by the Red Cross.

Flood - Hodgson Peter - flood maps

Peter Hodgson, a retired police Staff Sergeant pointing out where the damage was in a specific part of the city during the flood last August.

More than 244 of those volunteers from across Halton and the province came together in Burlington to help those who had suffered devastating damage to their homes from the August 4th flood. In addition, volunteers delivered thousands of Meals on Wheels in Burlington, provided thousands of rides to medical appointments across the Region, and helped families that were forced from their homes by fires and other personal disasters and worked tirelessly in the Branch offices, ensuring that all programmes worked seamlessly.

Flood - Meed Ward with Peter Hodgeson + T shirt

Helping out during the flood involved anyone with willing hands.

“The passion and commitment that our volunteers carry out in their work is truly remarkable. It’s an honour to have such devoted individuals representing the work of the Red Cross from coast to coast across Canada,” added Vadsaria.

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