Regional police and bylaw enforcement officers will be roaming the streets chasing noise complaints.

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May 16, 2018



The City of Burlington and the Halton Regional Police Service have partnered in a collaborative effort aimed at education, prevention and increased enforcement of Burlington’s Nuisance and Noise Control By-Law No.: 19-2003.

HRPS crestEvery Friday and Saturday night from May 18 through to Sept. 1, 2018, a team of Burlington Municipal Law Enforcement Officers and members of the Halton Regional Police Service will address noise complaint calls both through education and enforcement.

To file a bylaw request through the City of Burlington, please call 905-335-7731.

The enforcement team might want to hang around the Plaza parking lot on Brant just north of Caroline – there are reports of loud shrieks when car owners who were not shopping at the plaza return and find their vehicle has been towed.

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5 comments to Regional police and bylaw enforcement officers will be roaming the streets chasing noise complaints.

  • Flory Croitoru

    Please update the request about Lake shore noise and speed

  • lyn holton

    What about the piercing sports whistles, constant yelling & cheering that occurs on the soccer fields up in City View Park until 11pm during weekdays & on weekends ?

    The glaring field lights & human noise after dark is an on-going deterrent for creating a healthy & sustainable ‘parkland’ for ALL species in that supposedly ‘protected’ UNESCO-designated Biosphere.

  • jUDY

    Wow, good news. We and many others, including Wellington Terrace have had many complaints to police and Burlington By-laws. No help at all so far. It has been almost a year. By the way-“The Coop” on Brant st. is also open Thursday ’till 2:00 a.m. Noisy bass music coming from north side of “Coop” and street noise quite incredible. Hope we can all finally get some sleep!

  • Dennis walker

    Would the team consider patrolling Lakeshore road any weekend afternoon to enforce noise bylaws- particularly on motorcycles? I’ll call and report back .

    • Flory Croitoru

      I will like to update the reply about traffic and noise of speeding cars and motorcycles. Its difficult in this time of cov.and crossing the street for seniors. Please help. Thanks